Mung’oma Pledges Transformational Leadership After Bagging DAP-K Ticket For Kimilili Ward


A Kimilili ward candidate on Democratic Action party (DAP-K) Mr.Christopher Wasike Mung’oma has promised to transform, develop the area under his jurisdiction if he is elected in August.

During an interview with Horizon News, Mung’oma who defeated other four candidates including the current area MCA David Barasa alias Juakali to win the ticket says that he hares confrontational politics.

“Let’s play mature and issue based politics, no need of spreading unnecessary rumours to try and discredit your opponents for you get sympathy votes, let’s sell our agendas in a mature way,” he said.

Mung’oma added, “Anything else is just propaganda but I’m way ahead of the competition in Kimilili ward by a huge margin. I have been on the ground and I will continue. The ward needs a down to earth and a go getter like myself,”.

The politician stated that he has helped area residents albeit in a small way through provision of flour and soap during the coronavirus pandemic period.

“I also provided water for Aramisi and Sitabicha residents, also constructed Sitabicha-Kitayi temporary bridge and construction of Ng’oli borehole,” he said.

Mung’oma also gave free uniforms to pupils of Lwanda and Kambini primary schools and build toilet at the same schools and also provided cement for toilet construction at Bituyu primary.

He also paid for KCPE registration for over 300 pupils at Ng’oli, Kambini and Chelekei primary schools and furthermore constructed a kitchen at Kambini primary school.

“I have also contributed to matatu Welfare, Matili Welfare Association, drivers of pick ups, tractors, lorries and taxis welfare, many merry go rounds and Church functions,” he said.

He also bought Chairs to Matili Welfare Association and soap making business after training over 300 women. 

“I also single handedly financed a tournament for 22 teams in Kimilili with a final on 12/12/2021 where all teams were kitted with uniforms and balls,” he said. 


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