Wamukota: A Marine Surveyor Vows To Dislodge Majimbo From Power In Khalaba Ward


A Mombasa and Bungoma town based businessman Oscar Wafula Wamukota has vowed to kick out the current Khalaba ward MCA Okumu Majimbo from power.

He says that Majimbo should retire in politics and allow youths to run the affairs of the urban ward.

“He has been in civic leadership close to three decades and it is time Khalaba people should elect a youthful leader who is capable of transforming the lives of the ward,” he said.

He added “I am passionate about development and for so long I’ve seen Khalaba Ward lag behind in matters development. Khalaba has had a politician for long but i come as a leader who seeks to empower people,”

Wamukota observed that Khalaba ward has two public primary schools and one secondary school with no single health facility where its people can get first aid treatment. 

He noted that the ward lacks proper representation and oversight thus his reason for vying to bring change to his people.

“I support 15 high school students and four in primary schools level of which I intend to support even more,” he said.

He continued, “I  have also helped build a bodaboda shed at Pamus to help protect our youth who are hustling from the scorching sun and rain. I have also helped in building churches not only in khalaba ward but beyond,”.

Wamukota stated that he will offer quality leadership and politics of development. 

“I will work hand in hand with all elected leaders and in my mandate of oversight, legislation and representation to ensure our people are empowered,” he said.

He added, “Personally  I will also collaborate with various institutions both governmental and nongovernmental to ensure our people are empowered in terms of supporting women and youths,”. 

My leadership will give priority to nurturing talents, creating employment opportunities and supporting business, chamas and saccos.

Wamukota of UDA party was born and bred in Sango village, Khalaba ward, Kanduyi constituency,Bungoma County.

The youthful politician is the son of Bishop Felix Wamukota of Pefa Church and retired Agricultural Extension officer (Omuechalo-bachebasa) and Mama Elemina Wamukota (omukhanywinywi) and married to Margaret Wafula, blessed with 3kids.

“I schooled at Kanduyi DEB primary school and later Joined Teremi high school where I served as a dormitory captain, and Christian Union organising secretary,” said Wamukota during an interview with Horizon News.

He added, “I then joined Maritime and Management Institute of E.A Mombasa ( Under institute of chartered ship brokers UK) where i did a course in Maritime and Shipping Management,”.

Wamukota prides in himself as a professional business man and a marine surveyor. 

He owns Oceanview Marine Cargo Surveyors a company based in Mombasa and various businesses in Bungoma town.

I chose UDA because I align to it’s bottom up economic model. I find this as the only way through which our people will be empowered, fight poverty and this ‘omba omba’ culture.

Once elected as Khalaba Ward MCA (through thorough oversight, legislation and Representation) I will ensure that the following 7 point agenda is achieved:

He explained that Education (bursaries will be equally given to well deserving residents through an open vetting process) I will also ensure I work with relevant authorities to ensure we get atleast one more primary school in Khalaba Ward to ensure safety of our children especially those who walk long distances to school in other wards.

He stated that he will empower Women and Yourh (this is through trade loans to those in businesses, collaborate with governmental and nongovernmental organizations for projects and initiatives that will make our youth earn a decent living.

On Agriculture Wamukota noted that “I will ensure deserving farmers in Khalaba Ward are supported equally. Farm inputs,”.

On issues to do with Health, he will fight to ensure Khalaba Ward get at least one public health facility for first aid, ensure almost all families are under NHIF.

On Security matter which has been a thorn to many residents “This has been an issue in our Ward. I will ensure those existing street lights are fully functional and where they don’t exist we install,”.

He said that he will Oversight in the regular maintenance and upgrading of roads and bridges.

Nurturing talents through sports and art. I trust and hope this is the change that Khalaba Ward residents have been yearning for for the last 25 years.
SignedWamukota Oscar Wafula#wakatiwamabadiliko#reclaimkhalabaward


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