Madende Primary School KCPE Top Performer Lands Ojaamong’s Scholarship


By Reuben Olita

Madende Primary School top performer in 2021 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination, Martha Adionyi, has landed Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong’s full scholarship to pursue secondary education.

Adionyi, who is set to join Pangani Girls in Nairobi becomes the second student to secure the Governor’s scholarship after Lameck Wandera Omondi who scored 413 marks to secure a place at Maranda School.

She achieved the feat after scoring 406 marks in KCPE out of a possible 500 to bring her dreams of becoming a doctor to a near reality.

“I take this opportunity to thank the Governor for the sponsorship. My dreams of becoming a doctor would have been buried in the sand since my dad Augustine Ekesa Ongoma and Everline Anyango are vulnerable to afford my education,” she said.

To confirm her desire to climb academic ladder, Martha scored 85 percent in Maths, 81 in English, 80 in Kiswahili, 82 in Social Studies and 78 in Science.

On why she wants to become a doctor, Adionyi said it is attributed to scarcity of medics in the country, adding that she wants to save lives by emulating Ben Carson’s exploits.

Topping the exam with a margin of 20 marks is no mean achievement. ” I used to read between 8.30pm and 11pm and 5am-6am everyday, and this yielded fruits.

Most girls fear maths but Martha scored a straight A of 85%. For success to come your way, one needs to put more efforts in studies and avoid earthly things.


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