DP Ruto Promises To Reward Mudavadi For Sacrificing His Presidential Ambitions


By Paul Mukana

Deputy president William Ruto has promised to reward ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi for his relentless efforts in lobbying for Kenya Kwanza’s presidential campaign trail.

“People have taken Mudavadi for a nobody,but they will soon know the bitter truth.Mudavadi is a gentleman who has a stand, very few can do as he has done; sacrificing his ambitions,” the DP noted.

The DP was addressing an economic forum in Vihiga county on Thursday where the Kenya Kwanza brigade had pitched tent.

Ruto promised locals from Mudavadi’s political bastion that he is ready and willing to reward the ANC oligarch.

“Mudavadi has demonstrated that he can make sacrifices when called upon to do so, your sacrifice is going to pay off in our lifetime,” the DP said.

The sentiments come at a time when the whole country is waiting for the DP to unveil his choice of running mate.

The second in command kept chewing bones with president Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga for what he termed deceit and blackmail.

“The difference between us and our competitors is like day and night.Today we have come here to discuss issues of economic development of our people,”he added.

Ruto who doubles up as the Kenya Kwanza’s presidential flag bearer promised to set aside over 50 billion shillings for traders to use in table banking.

Besides,Ruto maintained that if elected, his regime will hand 200 million shillings to each constituency and a further 50 million to each ward to boost social-economic development programs.

He praised Mudavadi and Wetangula for defying peculiar odds to stick to the Kenya Kwanza Alliance alongside the UDA party.

“The two made their own independent be decision .We’ve agreed that this is the year we want to end rhetoric and blackmail,”he said.

On his part, Mudavadi outlined how the Luhya community will benefit from 30% of Ruto’s government if the Kenya Kwanza Alliance clinch power.

According to Mudavadi, the 30% deal will be embraced via government positions in the executive, judiciary and parliament.

It is a pact that will entail the Luhya community minting 7 slots out of the 22 cabinet positions,30% of judicial appointments,30% of diplomatic and parastatal jobs plus the Nairobi gubernatorial slot.

“I am selfless,if you are still in Azimio, ask them to tell us what our stake(Luhyas) is;I want the community to be in government by supporting Kenya Kwanza Alliance.Let’s drop Raila because we have carried him for many years,”Mudavadi explained.

Mudavadi convinced the Luhya voters to back Ruto because the DP has no history of betrayal, selfish interests or lying unlike his political nemesis.

Ford Kenya hit man Moses Wetangula expressed confidence of a Kenya Kwanza victory in the August 9th presidential tussle.

“I have never been as confident as I am this time,we’ve traversed this country .The Luhyas have no stake in the so called 3-legged Azimio stool; Mudavadi and I have the capacity to seek the presidency but we know unity is power and that’s why we teamed up with Ruto,” he said.

The Kenya Kwanza campaign trail kicked off its 4 day tour of western Kenya with a massive rally in Vihiga.

The brigade is expected to stage prolific railies in Butula, Vihiga and Ikolomani after attending an economic forum in Kakamega this Friday.

The DP and his team will tour Bungoma county on Saturday and Busia on Sunday.

It is the second time in less than a month the DP is touring the western region as the political cyclones gather steam.

It is a political arithmetic that political pundits have noted is purely meant to scuttle Raila Odinga’s popularity in the western political space.


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