Ababu Namwamba’s Tactics Inside DP Ruto’s Campaign Team


By Paul Mukana

A book about Busia county politics can  undoubtedly not be complete without the name Ababu Namwamba.

The outspoken international lawyer by profession has occupied a cadre of leadership positions in Busia and at national level.

One doesn’t need a microscope to spot his recent dalliance with DP Ruto’s camp.

The power behind Ababu’s loyalty to DP Ruto’s outfit is geared by his zeal to establish a passionate political game plan.

His role is to thwart any attempts by the DP’s political adversaries to frog march the western political arena.

That’s why Ababu has recently been contacting a beehive of political rallies in Busia county to sell the DP’s presidential ambition.

His resignation from the ministry of foreign affairs got many by surprise.

He relinguished his duties as the chief adminstrative secretary so as to focus fully on the DP Ruto’s presidential campaign trail.

He brings his legal experience to the team and is determined to play a role in silencing the DP’s critics.

Besides, as a young and energetic politician, his flamboyant mode of tactics is meant to attract more youths to the Kenya Kwanza coalition led by DP Ruto.

Ababu served as Budalangi MP for two terms (2007-2017) before losing to Raphael Wanjala.

He is determined to remain politically relevant after the August 9th general elections.

He has credibly embraced the tactic of using  social media  and  the digital  media space to sell the DP’s agenda.

His political energy has fully shifted to DP Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza coalition.

He wants to establish an indefatigable rapport with the DP so as to occupy a scintillating position regardless of the outcome of the August 9th polls.

Ababu is keen with minting new political allies.

Thus, he is tasked with wooing new members to join DP Ruto’s camp.

Although he is yet to announce whether he will be vying for any elective seat, all indications show that he has no interest in elective politics this year.

The head of international relations in DP Ruto’s campaign  team has enthusiastically muddled his energy in campaigning for Ruto’s presidential bid.

As a matter of fact, he has crisscrossed the whole of Busia county lobbying for the Kenya Kwanza agenda.

He definitely wants  to ensure that he remains a key cog in his political bastion, perhaps recalibrating himself for a possible future come back in elective politics.

He wants to coalesce the national political space and realign himself for a possible technocrat’s role after August.

Having served as a cabinet minster in both the Kibaki and Uhuru governments, his wealth of experience is top notch.

That’s why DP Ruto saw the need to incorporate him in his outfit in an attempt to counter an insurgency from tough political nemesis.

So, Ababu is definitely playing his cards well in order to polish his political career especially staying relevant after the August 9th polls.

He is gearing up for a possible  big job regardless of the outcome of the elections.

It should also be noted how he is actively engaging the Kenyan diaspora voters and lobbying for DP Ruto’s agenda.

Having been at the helm of the foreign affairs ministry, his diplomatic skills are quite instrumental.

He wants to use his position in the DP Ruto’s campaign team to run errands with both local and international dignitaries.

Thus part of his political tactics is to attract the international community to the Kenya Kwanza’s ideologies.

As a diplomat,he is keen to polish his own reputation and the DP’s reputation to the International community.

Ababu was once a Raila Odinga’s hit man and infact both his two terms as Budalangi MP were won under the ODM party ticket.

But as the adage goes, there is no permanent friend or enemy in the political arena.

So, only time will tell the climax of the Ababu-Ruto friendship although political pundits have opined that it could be shaped by the outcome of the August 9th polls.


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