5,000 Babaambo Clan members endorse Lusaka for Governorship


The Babambo clan which cuts across Bungoma County have endorsed the Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka to run for Bungoma County governorship.

During a meeting held in Kimilili town on Monday and which brought together over 5,000 clan members, they endorsed Lusaka decrying marginalization from the current regime.

According to Musikiti Kusimba, the clan Chairman, they added that during his tenure Lusaka invested in development projects that is still visible to date.

“As a clan we are proud of Lusaka, we want him back to save us in Bungoma county, we are tired of the current regime which has humiliated us,” said Kusimba.

While addressing them, Lusaka called on clan members to rally behind him and help him win the governorship.

“I could be the running mate for a presidential candidate but the call to serve my people because of the numerous cries has made me to come and serve them,” he said.

He added, “I started many projects that have been abandoned by the current regime, I need to come and complete all stalled projects,”.

Lusaka who was the first Bungoma governor between 2013 to 2017 before he was defeated by the current governor Wycliffe Wangamati picked his deputy from the Sabaots of Mt Elgon and says that he will still pick one from the region.

Lusaka picked Hillary Chongwony from Mt Elgon while Wangamati picked his running mate Prof.Charles Ngome from the Tachoni Community in Webuye East constituency.

Lusaka used the platform to highlight a number of projects he did including the agriculture subsidy.

“I will increase the number of bags of the farm input subsidy including seeds and fertilizer from 750 to 2,000, the current regime has reduced it to 250 bags,” said Lusaka.

Lusaka has been cleared to vie on Ford Kenya ticket while Wangamati will vie on DAP-K.

Others are Nairobi businessman Zachariah Baraza on an independent ticket, Kibabii university don Peter Khakina and former communication Authority of Kenya CEO Francis Wangusi  on Kanu ticket.


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