Nine Busia County MCAs Fall In The ODM Primaries


By Reuben Olita

Nine Members of the County Assembly from Busia County including the Leader of Majority, Hon.Kassaman Ekesa were handed defeats in ODM that were held across the County on Monday 11th, April, 2022.

Those who fell during the nomination exercise included Eric Kaibe (Kingandole), Linus Asiba (Matayos South), Mwajuma Toloi (Nambale Township), John Oganga (Marachi West), John Obwogo (Nangina), Kassaman Ekesa(Bukhayo Central), Laban Mukhwana (Bukhayo East, Job Oteba (Angurai East) and Moses Ouma ( Amukura Central).

Kassaman fell to Silas Musumba. Kaibe lost to Don Bosco Ouma, Toloi was beaten by Geoffrey Egesa Odongo, Oganga was outshined by Gomba Sewe, Obwogo was outboxed by Johnson Bwire Makabwa, Mukhwana fell to educationist, Eunice Wandera Wesonga, Oteba was beaten by Saleh Chemaswet while Ouma lost to Patrick Ombo.

ODM MCAs who survived the chop included Grace Olita ( Angurai South), Abiud Ochilang’ole (Amukura West), Vincent Olumbe (Namboboto/Nambuku), Julius Etyang (Chakol North) and David Kokonya (Malaba South) who were unopposed, and James Ong’ole who won the primaries, beating his sole challenger, George Awino, the proprietor of Busia Border Training School.

Fifteen other elected MCAs who will be in the ballot include Benard Papa (Malaba Central), Patrick Omanyala (Malaba North), Julius Ochou (Marachi East), George Busera (Busibwabo), Okodoi Maskini (Chakol South), Moses Ochieng (Burumba), Fredrick Musirimba (Bunyala North), Casper Ajuma (Bunyala South), Simon Asuka (Marachi North), Gaardy Jakaa( Bukhayo North/Walatsi), David Luyemba (Mayenje), Vincent Ojiambo ( Bukhayo West), Patrobas Odhiambo ( Elugulu) and Patrick Obuyu (Marachi Central).

Other ODM nomination final results:
Marachi Central -Shadrack masinde
Marachi east -Alexander Otieno Ayieko,
Marachi North -Simon Simiyu Anindo,
Elugulu ward-Josephat Wandera and
Bukhayo West-Peter Talam.

Others are:Matayos South -Denis Wafula Okinda, Busibwabo-Nyongesa Hudson,
Burumba Ward-Tony Onyango Opondo,
Agenga Nanguba-Cumlus ojiambo,
Bwiri Ward-Vincent Charles wanjala
Bunyala central-John Omomi, Bunyala
North-Silvanus Aliada,
Bunyala West- Michael Calvins, Bunyala
South- Stephen Onyango,
Bukhayo North-Philip Ogano Yaite,
Chakol south-Denzel Musumba, Angurai North-Kenneth ipala and Malaba central-Ronald Akiada Ochalu.

In the second Assembly, three women were elected including Grace Olita, Beatrice Kanoti and Mwajuma Toloi. Only Olita survived the primaries. The entry of Eunice Wandera after ousting former leader of Majority, Laban Mukhwana is a move in the right direction to boost women numerical strength in the assembly.


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