Kimilili Mp Lectures Out Kibingei MCA Aggrey Mulongo In Public For Betraying Him


By Paul Mukana

The political tussle between Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa and Kibingei MCA Aggrey Mulongo seem to have accelerated.

The two came head on at a funeral in Kibingei on Saturday.

The MCA Hon .Aggrey Mulongo accused Barasa for taking sides in the Kibingei ward MCA race ahead of the August polls.

The MCA instructed Barasa not to take sides in the tussle but treat every candidate equally.

However, Barasa quickly stepped on the podium and told off hon.Mulongo.

“You voted for me as your MP but soon even together with this Hon.Mulongo,we will be outgoing MCA and MP respectively,” said Barasa.

The outspoken lawmaker dismissed Mulongo’s claims that he is interfering with the MCA’s elections battle in Kibingei.

“You know we have two political coalitions, the Kenya Kwanza whose presidential candidate is William Ruto being aided by Moses Wetangula, Musalia Mudavadi and me am acting there as a headmaster, then we have the other coalition of that mzee of riddles,a coalition of confused people even Mulongo is in that coalition.So everyone has a right to defend their team,” he noted.

The MP accused Hon.Mulongo for allegedly planning to unseat him using his political nemesis.

According to Barasa, the MCA is working day and night to send him home.

“So,if I work with my team,why is Mulongo feeling bitter? He also has his team there and he is in the coalition that is accusing me walking all over organizing fellowships of taking me home and you are the leader of the praise and worship team to make people get the holy spirit of taking me home,” he alluded.

In what seemed a direct attack to Hon.Mulongo who was also present, the MP even asked the voters not to vote for Mulongo but consider other MCA aspirants who were present.

It is a battle whose genesis is urguably rooted to Hon.Mulongo’s decision to lobby for Azimio’s presidential flag bearer Raila Odinga.

Besides, the MCA seems to be supporting Barasa’s opponent in the Kimilili parliamentary seat.

Hence the two aren’t swimming in the same political waters.

But the MP openly launched his cold war with the MCA for the first time.

“I am not a lier,I am saying what is in my heart;They are meeting daily here in Kimilili planning on how their candidate will win,so even me as a resident of Kibingei,I ask Mulongo not to be bitter,just look for his Brian and get ready as I get ready, we will meet on the ballot.

Kimilili constituency has close to 100,000 voters and is composed of 5 wards(Kibingei, Kimilili township,Kimilili rural, Maeni and Kamukuywa).

Barasa is currently serving his first term after trouncing Suleiman Murunga via a Jubilee party ticket in the 2017 polls.

He doubles up as a key hit man inside DP Ruto’s camp and is determined to defend his seat via a UDA party ticket.

The MP said he supported Hon.Aggrey Mulongo and David Barasa alias Jua Kali in 2017 but the two have since chosen to betray him.

“The only thing that has defeated you to do for these people of Kibingei is bringing water for them .Water is a devolved function.It is the MCA’S job.I want an MCA whose faith is similar with mine and my faith is Kenya Kwanza,” he articulated.

Barasa also capitalised on the occasion to attack president Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM’S Raila Odinga for the fuel stalemate being witnessed in the country.

He alleged that the two leaders misused over 31 billion shillings meant for fuel and channelled it to the unsuccessful BBI campaigns.

He said that DP Ruto will rectify the mess and set up 50 billion shillings for small medium enterprises to grow incase he ascends to power.


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