Comedian Choffuri Reaction On Wamocha’s Bullying That Has Left Tongues Wagging


The difference between artists commonly known as ‘Beef’ is something close to normal in Kenya.

This was showcased between a renowned Western rib cracker Tiny Mutali who goes by the stage name Choffuri and his junior Wamocha.

The funny man penned his lamentations on his FB page which suggested that their working relationship was over.

This is what Choffuri wrote

Today I would like to reply on My elder brother Wamocha’s comments and at the same time give him my 50cents response on One of the guys I have natured from scratch.

Personally,I would have wished to ignore by remaining Silent but due to public demand and pressures from friends and family who have insisted for clarity over all these continued negative Facebook posts by my brother wamocha on my BRAND CF,I have no option but to respond as follows;.

I agree, my company(CF) has not given wamocha any amount that can change his life .but you can all agree that I gave him a platform,took him as a brother mentored and taught him how to do this things…. This is a privilege that I never had when I was starting filming in Bungoma 2018,I single handedly struggled my way to where iam.

Seeing wamocha creating divisions in our fans by painting a bad image of me in public for people to hate choffuri because mara ooh choffuri this choffuri that is something I feel is totally irrelevant and and a display of unnecessary negative energy instead of focusing on taking the filming industry forward.

All I can urge my brother wamocha is ..Kindly remember where You came from,Am not bragging but I created your social media handles… and the intention of me doing this was to see you start off your own brand and Do your things as an individual,grow slowly by slowly into your own Brand.

My intention has been to support artist and thats what I have been doing for all the artist who have passed through my hands..

I have helped you come from scratch

All I can say is,respect is the most important thing that you will never buy anywhere .if you have grown and you have energy and Capital to do things on your own,.. it’s Good,Am proud to see that..I release you to the world to go do your things..That’s another way of creating a chance for us to fix and narture other talents and support them.

Kutusi choffuri na kuongea vile anadharau watu is not a priority at the moment..because it won’t feed your kids or give you money.

Peace ✌️cf films is strong

We are already a stressed nation.
Mafuta na Mbolea imepanda and that’s enough stress kwa sisi wakulima

we need peace.🙏


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