Artists To Reap Big From Ring Back Tunes After President Uhuru Signs Copyright Bill Into Law – Says Mutua


The Kenya Music Copyright Society of Kenya has lauded President Uhuru Kenyatta for signing into law the Copyright (Amendment) law 2021 which confers great benefits to artists through the ring back tunes.

MCSK CEO Dr.Ezekiel Mutua stated that the new law provides for a fair formulae  for sharing of revenue from ring back tunes between artists/copyright holders and telecommunication companies.

In a press release dated March 5, Mutua states that the law opens new opportunities for Musicians to reap the full dividends of digital migration by ensuring that musicians are entitled to the lion’s share of the monies generated from ring back tunes.

“Section 30 (C) of the new copyright law now provides that  artists or the copyright holders will get not less than 52 percent of monies generated from ring back tunes while service providers get 8.5 percent and the telecommunications operator 39.5 percent,” he said.

Mutua also explained that the law has also enhanced take down procedures, the role of internet service providers and judicial reliefs that will protect children from exposure to harmful content and curb digital piracy.

He noted that the law gives copyright holders and Musicians in particular, more powers and control of their works, indeed this development heralds a brighter future Kenyan artists to benefit optimally from their musical works.

“The exploitation of musical works through technology has been largely tilted in favour of business people including tech companies, telecommunication operators and broadcasters, while the real owners of copyright get peanuts,” said Mutua.

He added, “Lack of a structured revenue sharing formula that gives recognition  to copyright owners will be the main beneficiaries and that the new law will minimize, if not eliminate infringement of copyright works by players in the digital space,”.

Mutua observed that for music to be taken serious career, the rights of our talented artists must take centre stage. Deployment of technology must also confer benefits to the copyright owners rather than become an impediment or tool for exploitation or copyright infringement.

He stated that MCSK welcomes the new law and commits to work with  all stakeholders to ensure smooth and effective implementation of the same to the benefit of our members.

MCSK also lauded Homa Bay woman Rep Gladys Wanga who sponsored the copyright bill 2021 and guided the process through the floor of the assembly to its fruition.


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