UDA Is Very Popular In Bungoma, Ford Kenya Should Stop Unorthodox Means Of Undermining Our Candidates


United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party has called on Ford Kenya party who are all members of Kenya Kwanza Alliance in trying to undermine their candidates in Bungoma County.

In a statement issued to media houses, UDA Aspirants and members claimed that FK has been using unorthodox means to deny their aspirants a chance to vie through zoning.
Mr. Peter Wanambisi, Friends of Ruto Movement (Form) national Chairman stated that as UDA they field all candidates in Bungoma County.

“This presser has been necessitated by the fact that, Ford Kenya, which is our partner party in Kenya Kwanza has been using unorthodox means by deliberately mobilizing against our aspirants for various seats,” read the press statement.

It added, “Many of us, in conjunction with our supporters and other members of the party have been working tirelessly in the last one year since the formation of the party to popularize it by way of recruitment of members,”.

Wanambisi stated that their hardwork has paid off handsomely and they now pride themselves as one of the leading counties in terms of UDA membership in the entire country.  

He explained that the party has over 400,000 card carrying members in Bungoma county. 

“Our focus has been about our party forming government both at the county and the national levels. That still remains our collective resolve,” said Wanambisi.

He continued, “Although our party is a member of the Kenya Kwanza Coalition, which we support wholeheartedly, UDA intends to field candidates at all levels, right from the MCA all the way up to the presidency,”.

He noted that they absolutely have no doubt in their minds that the UDA will sweep majority of the seats in Bungoma county.

“We therefore wish to confer the leadership of our UDA team in Bungoma to our gubernatorial candidate, Mr. Zachariah Baraza Siuma who stands unopposed for the party’s ticket,” said Wanambisi,” he said.

Mr. Barasa will lead our troops in Bungoma as we earnestly embark on the campaigns. Further, we wish to assure our people that our team, led by Mr. Barasa will offer the leadership that they deserve. 

“We will be calling on you in your homes, villages and hamlets to share our programs and plans for the great people of Bungoma,” he said.

Going forward, UDA will organize its own meetings in order to avoid the unnecessary rivalry and friction. 


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