Matayos Sub-County Produces More Quality Grades In KCPE 2021


By Reuben Olita

Matayos Sub County has been ranked first for producing more quality grades in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) 2021 that were released on Monday by Education Cabinet Secretary, Prof George Magoha.

According to tentative results released today, Matayos have 61 candidates who scored 400 marks and above. They included Kwerula Roche Esther of St Teresa Girls Busia who scored 423 marks.

Odongo Brian Odhiambo of Immaculate Heart in Butula Sub County also scored 423 marks to tie with Kwerula.However, Butula has 21 candidates who scored 400 marks and above.

Butula produced the second best candidate with Wasike Makokha Adrielian of Makwara Primary scoring 422 marks.

Harizon Ekesa of Buhuyi Primary scored 419 marks with Mathew Wesonga of Bukhuma Primary getting 414 marks.

Barasa Felicity Gloria of St Teresa Girls Busia scored 420 marks. Leslie Makokha of Ebenezer Academy and Bwire Mercy Nambiro of Mundika Girls tying on 417 marks.

Martha Nazarine Muruli of Esikulu Primary and Okunga Mitchell Chellangat of Springboard Academy tied on 415 marks. Ephrahim Barasa (Ebenezer) and Bivins Cendric Bwire (Lukonyi Boys) tied on 414.

Bunyala had 26 candidates who scored 400 marks and above. Patience Akinyi of Lake Breeze top-scored with 416 marks.
Others in that order included Oduory G. Odongo ( Musoma Primary) 414 marks, Odende Sunil (Rugunga Pri) 412, Seysha L. Oori (Sirimba) 411 and Barza Auma (Roshen) 410.

Nambale Sub County had 22 candidates with 400 marks and above. Audre Busolo Pamphila of St James Model top-scored with 414 marks. Shashar Khopu Stower was second with 411 marks, one more than Laventine Cecilia Oruko of St James Model. Cyril Otwane of the Nambale Magnet scored 409 marks.

Samia Sub County had 13 candidates with 400 marks and above. Adongo Mitchel Praise of Moody Awori topped with 413 marks. Marveloux Barasa of Clanne Academy was second with 410 with Bwire Samuel Seth and Chitoma Bendict Opiyo of Moody Awori and Glenn Ouma of Clanne Academy scoring 409 marks each.

In Teso South, 16 candidates scored 400 marks and above. Ian Karani of Chakol Boys got 417 marks. Shaline Itinot of St Teresa Chakol Girls was second with 416 marks, Joel Oteba of Kamarinyang Primary taking third position with 413 marks.

Chakol Girls head teacher, Jesica Okochil attributed the good performance to discipline and being close to teachers, noting that seven candidates scored 400 marks and above.

Teso North was last in terms of quality grades with only 10 candidates scoring 400 marks and above. Sheilla Vihenda of Model Junior Academy Makaba was first with 415 marks.

Stephen Oshorom of Malaba Primary was second with 407 marks while Juma Silas Bwire of Kolanya Boys Primary and Austin Makari of Isegere Toto tied on 405 marks.Damaris Matekwa who scored 408 marks at Ebenezer Academy.


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