Kipkut Faces A Rough Test From Kapchanga In Chesikaki Ward UDA Nominations


As the August polls draws closer and parties are planning to hold nominations to pick their favourite candidates, politicians are beating all odds to ensure they bag nominations certificates.

Such is the case in Chesikaki ward in Cheptais Sub County, Mt Elgon Constituency, many people are out to dislodge the incumbent Ben Kipkut.

Kipkut who is serving his second term as the area MCA and has been facing a lot of opposition from young Turks.

One of such youths who is giving Kipkut a run for his money is Dan Kapchanga who is the darling of the area residents.

Kapchanga who has been engaged in community empowerment programmes in the ward says it is time people voted for change.

“I have been fighting for my people to have clean water for drinking, improving the road network and helping the community in finding market for their farm produce, if elected in August, I will do much more to ensure the economy of this ward improves economically,” he said.

Kapchanga will face off with Kipkut in the UDA nominations slated to be held very soon.

“With my experience in politics, I am certain of beating Kipkut hands down, in a fair and verifiable primaries, the incumbent can’t defeat me, unless there is a foul play in the process,” said Kapchanga.

Mt Elgon constituency has six wards which includes Cheptais, Chesikaki, Chepyuk, Kapkateny, Elgon, and Kaptama. 


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