Sabaot Elders Settle On Four Leaders Set To Deputize Lusaka In Bungoma Gubernatorial Bid


The high ranking officials of the Sabaot Council of Elders have settled on four leaders as they inch closer to getting one of them who will finally deputize Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka.

The race to deputize Lusaka who launched his campaigns for the Bungoma gubernatorial seat has so far attracted eight leaders from the Sabaot community.

Without mentioning their names, the elders said that the issue will be handled well to stop the fallout.

Addressing the media in Cheptais market after a six hour consultative meeting, the Sabaot Council of elders Clan Chairman Stephen Musani confirmed that they had settled on four of them as they come closer to picking the right one for the job.

“This is to enable us to stop the fallout amongst our son’s and daughters, we are also asking our incoming Governor Ken Lusaka to consider those who would not have made it for other positions in his government,” said Musanii.

He added, “All of them have leadership qualities and are well educated but unfortunately, only one of them will be picked to deputize Lusaka, therefore let him consider those who would have not made it for other positions,”.

He explained that for the sake of peace and harmony the issue of choosing the DG rests purely with the leaders who will show the direction the politics will take.

Musanii further condemned the meeting that was scheduled in Kitale town, Trans Nzoia County that was meant to interview the potential deputy governor for Lusaka.

“I am asking the Supreme Council of elders Mr. Butaki to stop causing confusion in Mt Elgon, elders are wise people who should give directions and not playing divisive politics,” said Musanii.

He called on area residents to play mature politics that will create a peaceful working environment instead of playing politics of corruption that cause divisions.

His sentiments was echoed by Richard Naibei Sangura, a Peace Crusader in Mt Elgon who also condemned the Kitale meeting.

He stated that such meetings conducted outside Bungoma can easily cause bad blood between different groupings with different interests.

“We will support the Deputy Governor who will be picked by Lusaka to help us in enhancing peace and cohesion,” he said.

On his part Eunice Chepchumba, Mt Elgon Chairperson Maendeleo ya wanawake called on the candidates to respect the elders decision.

“Let us respect the decision of the elders, whoever will be picked will be supported by all, they are our sons and daughters, let Lusaka pick somebody who will help the community,” she said.

She added that the four have been picked in the four divisions of Cheptais, Kopsiro, Kapsokwony and Kaptama.

A former Sasur Councillor Nathan Wasama warned Butaki against causing confusion in Mt Elgon.

“We have to ensure that an meeting meant to pick Lusaka’s deputy must be held in Mt Elgon and not in foreign land, let Butali stop the backward antics,” said Wasama.

Among those candidates fronting themselves to deputize Lusaka include former DG Hillary Chongwony, Janepher Mbatiany, High school Principal Nicholas Kiboi, Bonface Chengek, Mokin Tanguny among others.


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