Residents Want Recognition Of Namboboto Museum


By Reuben Olita

Residents of Namboboto in Samia Sub County have petitioned the County Assembly of Busia for the recognition of Namboboto Museum as a resource Centre.

In the petition moved by the Leader of Majority, Hon Kassaman Ekesa and seconded by Hon Benard Ibella Papa (Malaba Central), the residents want the County Government to recognize the Museum as a resource centre of the County and institute funding for its benefit.

” From sometime in 2013, the Anglican Church of Kenya at Namboboto has been nurturing and preserving items of artistic, cultural and historic importance in a bid to preserve the rich culture of the people of Busia County,” the residents said in the seven point petition dated 16th March, 2022 and addressed to the Clerk of the County Assembly, Mr Allan Mabuka.

They said the project has proved advantageous to them as residents of the area as it has been a source of cultural knowledge, education to the children and has also made community members to be involved in hospitality services and other business at the Museum.

“It’s our prayer that the County Assembly approves this petition and intervenes through the Department of Sports, Culture and Social Services to enable the Museum at Namboboto be recognized as a County Resource and the County Government considers funding it to enable its conservation and sustainability,” they said.

Nominated MCA, Hon Nancy Okademi, who chaired the session, committed the report to the Committee of Culture, Sports and Social Services to compile the report and submit it to the House for debate and approval or rejection.


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