Bungoma Musician Wants Chameleon’s Manager To Refund Sh150,000 He Conned Kitale Club Owner


An upcoming musician in Bungoma County is in trouble after it was revealed that the Ugandan musician Jose Chameleon’s manager used her name to con a Kitale businessman Sh150,000.

Carolyne Wekesa who goes by the stage name Namuenge Bukusu Darling claims that she curtained raised for the Ugandan artist when he performed at Club Silk Lounge in Bungoma town on January 28, 2022 and the next day Chameleon’s manager asked her to accompany them to Club Timber in Eldoret.

It is after performing in the two Clubs and drawing mammoth crowd of fans, it led the owner of Club Touch in Kitale to approach her so that she could organize for Chameleon to also perform in his club on Friday March 5, 2022 which never materialized.

“So after having phone calls and chats with Arthur Wafula of Club Touch, I managed to reach out to Chameleon’s manager Okelloson Owuor Saleh alias CK, I linked him to Mr.Wafula and his Club’s manager but they left me to perform all conversations, they later settled on Sh200,000 and even they went ahead to sign an agreement where a down payment of Sh150,000 was send to Saleh’s Mpesa number 0111318604,” she narrated.

Namuenge added, “Upon receiving the cash, the manager started playing hide and seek with the management of Club Touch, he lied that Chameleon had fallen ill and hence could not travel to Kitale to perform as agreed, the Club owner also started calling and accusing me of working with conmen to defraud him, of which was not the case because I didn’t touch the cash, my sin was only linking him up with the businessman,”.

She explains that she was connected to Mr Saleh by DJ Mike of Siilk Lounge and he lauded her for the great performance which had impressed the revellers , that’s why he gave her a chance to curtain raise for Dr.Chameleon again the next day at Club Timber in Eldoret town.

“Our efforts to reach out to Saleh to refund the cash has been fruitless as he doesn’t pick calls nor respond to WhatsApp messages, so the owner of Club Touch might think that am their accomplice and we might have collaborated to con him, I want to state it categorically that I was only using the chance to grow as an artist, I have never participated in dirty deals before,” said Namuenge.

A whatsApp chat between Arthur and Namuenge shows threats, anger and war of words where Arthur is demanding for a refund of his cash or else she would be arrested and charged with stealing.

“If the Club doesn’t get back the cash and with lack of communication, I am sorry for what will happen next. I have notified the County Commander Trans Nzoia because the money belongs to the Club,” read one of the WhatsApp messages.

Namuenge says that the issue has raised a lot of heat in her marriage and can lead to divorce. 

Efforts to get a comment from Saleh hit a snag as he could not respond to the allegations. 


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