Lusaka’s DG’s Debate Raises eyebrows As A Faction Of Elders Read Malice In The Kitale Interview


The planned meeting to interview potential Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka’s deputy governor  candidates as he eyes Bungoma gubernatorial seat has raised eye brows and caused cracks.

Addressing the press in Chwele market on Saturday, a section of Mt Elgon elders and residents said that they are reading malice in the whole process.

The Sabaot Council of elders led by their Chairman Reuben Butaki have convened a meeting in Kitale town , Trans County on Sunday as the venue of interviewing the three potential candidates planning to deputize Lusaka in the August polls.

The Council wants to shop for the best candidate who is acceptable across board to act as Lusaka’s deputy to cushion the fallout.

The elders and residents are opposed to the choice and venue of the meeting which they term as unacceptable.

Led by a former Sasur Councillor Nathan Warsama who is currently the Sabaot Community leader, they termed the meeting as null and void because there was no consultations.

“We will not allow the interviews to go on, even if it goes on we will not respect the outcome because the venue is at another County and therefore the outcome cannot be binding at all,” said Warsama.

He added, “We have good hotels, Churches and even public fields where the interviews can be conducted in Kapsokwony town or anywhere in Bungoma County, Why should it be taken to a foreign county?.

Warsama observed that despite Butaki staying in Trans Nzoia county he has no authority to mess up with Bungoma politics by taking the DG’s candidates to Kitale town and specifically Bishop Muge guest house.

The potential DG’s for Lusaka include a high school Principal Nicholas Kiboi, Bonface Chengek working with a non-governmental organization and former DG Hillary Chongwony.

He explained that Mt Elgon leadership should not be discussed in a foreign county through ferrying of delegates to Kitale town.

His sentiments were echoed by Phanice Cherubet who called on all issues facing the region including politics and leadership should be discussed within Mt Elgon not outside.

“However much how leaking your house is, you can’t leave it and move to the neighbour’s one, let the DG’s issue be handled in Mt.Elgon,” she said.

Youth leader Justice Kwaka also blamed the elders council chairman for arranging for DG’s interviews outside the county without any consultations.

“We as Mt Elgon residents are perturbed by the planned interviews to be held on Sunday, this is not a colonial era where the Elders can make a decision on behalf of residents,” he warned.

He called on Butaki to cancel the meeting in Kitale and host it another day in Bungoma county for all residents to witness and make a decision.


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