Nandalwe Foundation Halts Its Services For Six Months


Nandalwe Foundation has suspended its operations for a period of six months as the main funder engages in politics.

Moses Nandalwe announced suspending the operations until September 2022 to allow room for him to engage in politics.

Addressing the pressing in his Russia home in Sirisia constituency, the ODM politician stated that all the Nandalwe Foundation operations will resume fully in September 2022.

“To our esteemed customers, beneficiaries and people of good will we are putting on hold all services, we will communicate when we will resume,” he said.

The Foundation has been offering humanitarian services that benefit the community including Tractor services,  repairing infrastructure and sinking boreholes.

Nandalwe also observed that the foundation has been repairing infrastructure such as roads, more than 82 classrooms and offered bursary funds amounting to Sh3 million since 2017.

Nandalwe observed that the suspension of all services will give him time to campaign for Sirisia parliamentary seat as he plans to dislodge from power the current Mp John Waluke.

The ODM politician explained that he consulted his advisors, friends and close relatives who advised him to put on hold the foundation operations as he concentrates in politics.

“Mixing the two will cause confusion and hence some people or deserving cases will go unrewarded hence let’s deal with politics first,” he said.

On politics, Nandalwe urged Sirisia residents to vote for Raila Odinga who is the Azimio la Umoja presidential candidate.

“Baba is going to win this seat early in the morning same to me in Sirisia, therefore don’t waste your vote, put it in the right basket,” he said.

Nandalwe called on area residents to support Odinga and vote for him in the against polls because he has the ability to change the misfortunes facing this country including unemployment, poverty, poor infrastructures and many more.

Nandalwe will officially be launching his political campaigns tomorrow at Mayuba stadium in Sirisia Constituency.


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