Busia Starts Mama Packs Incentives For Mothers Who Deliver In Public Hospitals


By Reuben Olita

Women delivering in public hospitals have started receiving an assortment of goods from the County Government of Busia to start life with their new-born.

The issuance of the incentives “Mama Packs” provided through the Transforming Health Services (THS) is part of Governor Sospeter Ojaamong’s efforts to improve skilled delivery.

The County Reproductive Health Coordinator Magdaline Ikaal said the package which consists of baby basin, jelly, pack of diapers among others, targets to encourage expectant mothers to attend antenatal clinics and deliver in health facilities.

She said that among other factors, the availability of improved health facilities across the County has devolved services closer to the locals, making it easier for mothers to access maternal services.

Mrs Ikaal made the remarks at Inyanja Plaza Health offices in Busia Town, adding that apart from the enhanced workforce, the Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) have also played an important role in educating mothers at the household level on the importance of skilled delivery.

“We encourage expectant mothers to visit clinics to be able to manage any arising complications on time,” she said.

Mrs Marion Nabwire a resident of Bukhalalire in Butula Sub County who delivered her second born child at the Busia County Referral Hospital (BCRH) expressed gratitude to the County Government for providing them with the unique package.

“We have been sensitized at the maternity on the need to visit hospitals to minimize chances of complications,” said Nabwire, adding that she will also share the same with other women.

Previously, expectant mothers resorted to delivering at home through traditional birth attendants due to challenges ranging from difficulty in transport and high cost of medication, a situation that resulted to maternal and neonatal mortality.

Governor Sospeter Ojaamong’s administration has strived to bring services closer to residents by ensuring that public hospitals have modern facilities among them theatres, laboratories, maternity, wards and equipment besides increasing staff.

Statistics from the Kenya Health Information System (KHIS) indicate that skilled delivery has recorded a steady upward trend from 53.3 percent in 2014 to 70.3% in 2021.


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