Busia CPSB Conducts Interviews For ECDE Teachers To Bridge Workforce GAP


By Reuben Olita

The Busia County Public Service Board (CPSB) through the Department of Education and Vocational training, Infrastructure and Energy and the Governoship is carrying out interviews of shortlisted candidates to fill various vacancies at Agricultural Training Centre.

The Department of Education and Vocational Training is in need of ECDE teachers for Diploma and Certificate levels.

Governoship seeks to interview village administrator for Nambale B, Fire Engine driver, fire fighter for newly acquired fire engine, Constables and support staff.

The Department of Publics Works will recruit administrative officer 1, plant operator and senior support staff.

Busia County Government is among the few devolved units that has employeed ECDE teachers on Permanent and Pensionable terms. The first cohort employed on P&P were 439.

Governor H.E Sospeter Ojaamong issued a directive that will ensure all ECDE teachers whose terms are on contract be changed to permanent and Pensionable terms by May, 2022.

Over 450 teachers are set to benefit from this gesture.

Addressing shortlisted candidates at ATC, CPSB chairperson Asumpta Obore warned candidates against canvassing.

“The board is independent and the selection will be on merit. By all chance avoid canvassing since its a criminal offence,” she warned.

The shortlisted candidates expressed their gratitude for a fair chance to be interviewed.

The successful ECDE teachers will be deployed across the County ECD Centres.

For other jobs vacancies candidates are encouraged to check county website www.busiacounty.go.ke for periodic updates while enquiries should be chanelled via email secretarybusiapsboard@busiacounty.go.ke


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