Lusaka Joins Ford Kenya, To Battle Out With Wangamati And Baraza In The Gubernatorial Race


It was a moment of joy for Bungoma residents as they witnessed the unveiling of the Senate speaker Ken Lusaka as the Ford Kenya’s gubernatorial candidate.

Lusaka is making his second stab at the gubernatorial race after he was defeated in 2017 by the incumbent Wycliffe Wangamati of DAP-K.

Others in the race is the Nairobi based businessman Zachariah Baraza who will use the UDA party ticket.

Addressing a mammoth crowd at the famous Posta ground moments after joining and being unveiling by Ford Kenya party leader Moses Wetang’ula, Lusaka stated that he was coming back to save Bungoma residents from bad leadership coupled with nepotism.

Lusaka asked voters that he was greatiful of their unwavering support and urged them to reelect him so that he can finish what he had started as the first governor.

“I have joined Ford Kenya party and will use it as my vehicle for the august polls, am asking for your vote so that we can move together,” he said a mid applause from his supporters.

Lusaka stated that Ford is a historic party famous in Kenya and would propel him to the gubernatorial seat.

He observed that Wangamati had failed Bungoma residents by considering wrong priorities that has not helped Wananchi hence the reason they had asked for his come back.

“During my tenure as the first governor, the county was receiving Sh6 billion annually and we managed to purchase  700 bags of subsidized fertilizer for our farmers but since Wangamati took over he has reduced it to 200 bags yet he receives Sh12 billion,” he said.

He explained that if he is elected in August he will increase and improve on the trade loan and bursary to cushion small and micro enterprise traders and also serve poor parents to ensure bright students are sustained in school.

“I will create an all inclusive government that minds all residents and also develop regions that have been forgotten like Mt.Elgon, Tongaren and others,” he said.

On his part Wetang’ula pointed out that it was a boost for Ford Kenya party after they landed on Lusaka.

“It is a milestone for Lusaka joining FK, it will create unity of purpose in our leadership that will help this county grow to a better future,” said the Bungoma senator.

He added that he wants a governor who will steer development and not a leader who will use the county resources to hire goons to assault those with a contrary opinions or hire online goons to abuse other people.

He urged Bungoma residents to elect Kenya Kwanza leaders and stop wasting their time in Azimio la umoja.

“There is no way ODM party leader Raila Odinga will defeat Kenya Kwanza leaders, with the election of good leaders, Kenya will be known international because of good leadership that will spearhead development,” said Weta.

He asked Kenyans to follow the bottom up economic model that will sustain development even to the downtrodden and stop listening to empty rhetorics from their competitors.

Wetang’ula also dug into the Boda Boda issues by asking the State to stop arrests and illegal arraignment of all Boda bodas.

“Availability of Boda Boda has brought about a revolution in the transport industry and therefore the security agencies should stop harassing and only target a few wayward ones,” he said.

Among those who joined FK included;Lusaka, EAC Mp Abdikadir Aden vying for imbalambala MP’s seat in Garissa County and a host of MCAs including Khalaba Ward MCA Majimbo Okumu, Bungoma Township MCA Joseph Maguda and David Barasa of Kimilili Ward.


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