Windfall For Bungoma’s Ng’arisha Sacco Members As They Receive 12.32% Dividend Increment


The giant Ng’arisha savings and credit cooperatives society formerly Bungoma teachers sacco has recorded a positive increase in its dividends.

Members are now receiving their dividends after investing with the Sacco which serves residents of Western region and neighbouring regions.

During the annual delegates meeting, members were informed of an increased pay in dividends owing to the positive saving culture.

The Sacco board of directors Chairman Benedict Simiyu explained that owing to a good saving culture, members have started receiving 12.32 percent of the dividends. 

“Interest on members rebates grew to Sh192,894,805 in the year 2021 from Sh163, 630, 286 in 2020, it is a plus to the well done work by the society,” said Simiyu. 

He added, “Following the positive results in 2021, the board recommends payment of rebates on deposits and dividends at the rate of 12.32 and 13 percent respectively,”.

Simiyu acknowledged the members’ continued trust and support extended to the Sacco that bolstered it to progress ahead of the years.

“Our focus on becoming an increasingly agile, resilient and future-ready Sacco has helped us overcome changing business challenges in the globally disruptive environment,” said the Chairman.

Currently Ng’arisha Sacco membership has positively grown from 19,413 in 2020 to 20,489 in 2021 owing to provision of good services and good relationships among all Sacco stakeholders. 

Simiyu called on people of all walks of life to join Ng’arisha Sacco and be part of its success.

“Be part of our growth, the future is luminous if you save with us, Ng’arisha Sacco is one of the best Saccos and we guarantee you nice services,” he said. 


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