Ruto Accuses Uhuru For Welcoming Opposition Into Government



Deputy president William Ruto has escalated his attacks on president Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

In what seems a political cold war, the DP has explained that the president didn’t even involve him in forming the cabinet and has welcomed the opposition into government.

Besides, DP Ruto thinks that president Uhuru has taken refuge in the opposition.

“Our competitors on the other line seem to have blood lines between what is government and what is opposition.The result is what you see now in Kenya, there’s no government and there’s no opposition”, he noted.

The DP was speaking live from Chatham House, London in the United Kingdom on Monday afternoon where he is on an overseas trip.

He accused the president for allegedly attempting to tilt the 2010 constitution via the BBI so as to create more positions.

“And they want to bring back an imperial presidency,they want more power given to the president,they want the president to have power over the judiciary, they want the president to go back to appointing cabinet ministers from parliament which in our opinion undermines the responsibility of parliament”, he added.

The DP has openly chewed bones with the head of state in what he termed as uniting with the opposition to undermine the 2010 constitution.

According to the DP,the president has been brainwashed by the opposition leaders.

‘Today the leader of the opposition is a project of the system and the deep state of the government and unfortunately, the leader of what is supposed to be the ruling party has become a refugee or squatter in the opposition party”, the DP articulated.

As a result, the DP maintained that politics should be centered on strong political parties and institutions with proper ideologies that bring in people together regardless of their social classes.

“We even have opposition MPS chairing government committees.We have the leader of government supporting the leader of opposition”, Said Ruto.

It is the first time that the DP has criticized his boss in a foreign nation as the general elections scheduled for 9th August fast approaches.

Political pundits have opined that the DP’S anti-Uhuru sentiments abroad are geared towards drumming up sympathy from the international community.

DP Ruto’s political nemesis led by COTU boss Francis Atwoli among other Azimio’s MPS have dismissed Ruto’s sentiments terming them inconsequental.

The war of words was taken a notch higher as the DP and Atwoli called each other malicious names.

So, it is evident that the DP has launched a cold war with the president and his lieutenants.

As the adage goes, there can never be a permanent enemy or friend in politics.

Gloves are off. 

Its definitely going to be a two horse race as Ruto takes on Raila  who has the president’s blessings.

The DP is expected to visit Israel later on in the week to complete his 12 day visit in three countries.

ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi and Kirinyaga governor Ann Waiguru are among the DP’s brigade that accompanied him abroad.


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