Major Boost For Lusaka As 35 MCAs Endorse Him For Bungoma Gubernatorial Seat


Over 35 members of the Bungoma county assembly out of 61 have endorsed senate speaker Ken Lusaka  for the Bungoma gubernatorial seat.

Speaking at the Ken Lusaka command centre the mcas said it was only Lusaka who was in the capacity steer bungoma county to development.

The MCAs castigated the incumbent governor Wycliffe Wangamati for failing the county and completely failing to implement his manifesto he had promised in curbing corruption rings in his government.

Majority leader Joseph Nyongesa said they will be unveiling Lusaka on the 11th of March this month in a big rally at the Bungoma Posta grounds.

“We  know he is a leader who means well for the community and therefore as members of the assembly we have thrown our weight behind his bid ,”said Nyongesa.

He said Lusaka will also at the same time be received officially in the Ford Kenya party.

Nyongesa said in the build up for the unveiling of Lusaka as the gubernatorial candidate they will hold numerous rallies across all the sub counties.

“We have resolved to take his gospel to the grass roots as we await for his official launch,” said Nyongesa.

Khalaba ward MCA Okumu Majimbo said the current regime in Bungoma had failed and eroded all the good things Lusaka had done hence the reason they had decided to support Lusaka.

“We will use all means humanly possible to ensure that the current governor is ousted,” said Majimbo.

Majimbo said Wangamati had resorted in using violence in suppressing opponents saying this should be brought to an end .    

Tongaren MCA Elizabeth Tindi said they had resorted to rally behind Lusaka because during his regime vulnerable farmers  used to receive more subsidized fertilizer while   bursary were free and fair to everybody.

“Our farmers no longer get subsidized fertilizer and bursary has remained a preserve for the kids of the rich ,”Said Tindi

She said it was only through electing Lusaka that such programs will be returned.

Lwandanyi MCA Tonny Barasa said Wangamati had failed to complete projects started by Lusaka like the high altitude center  and the Lusaka roads .

“Speaker Lusaka is coming to complete all this flagship projects  that were stalled after he left,” said Barasa.

The MCAs resolved that they will ensure that they carry out meticulous campaigns at the grassroots to ensure that Lusaka wins the seat with majority MCAS


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