Report: Bungoma County Executive Dumps Vehicles Worthy Sh19 Million In Garages


Bungoma County Executive has been put to task to explain why it needed Sh50 million for this financial year for the leasing of vehicles when it only needs Sh19 million to take back the detained vehicles in different garages.

In the status report of movable assets (Automobiles) tabled in the floor of the assembly yesterday by the assembly committee on public administration and ICT Chairman Okumu Majimbo, the report shows the glaring misuse of public resources.

The statement was first raised in the house by Musikoma Ward MCA George Makari on October 6, 2021 whose objective was to ascertain the condition and location of all county automobiles for purposes of accountability and inform future management and procurement decisions.

The report shows that a number of vehicles are in good condition but have been detained in various garages where they were taken for servicing but the accrued fees haven’t been paid yet the executive had requested for the approval of Sh50 million for leasing of vehicles.

“The county Public service management and administration department had requested the County assembly to approve the requested monies for the purchase of automobiles have been dumped in various garages across Nyanza, Western and North Rift regions,” read the report.

The committee declined to approve the budget but instead embarked on a mission to investigate the whereabouts of the vehicles and motorcycles.

The committee later established that a number of vehicles which had been taken to various garages had not been picked by the executive owing to the accrued bill totalling to Sh19 million.

Majimbo, the Khalaba ward MCA sought for an explanation from the executive how those motor vehicles were taken for servicing and never taken back.

The report shows that 109 motorbikes and unaccountable number of vehicles got lost at the onset of devolution to date.

“We could not have approved Sh50 million for the financial year 2021/22 that had been proposed for leasing of vehicles but we saw it as a waste of taxpayers’ money,” read the report.

In the report, it was established that the County government owns 475 automobiles (Motor vehicles,motor cycles and tractors), vehicles inherited from the defunct local authorities were 44, 143 were purchased by the county government while the national government (Devolved units) had 288 which were all released to the county government.

“It was established that automobiles inherited from the local authorities that were serviceable were 20, 22 are grounded, two of the them cannot be traced, while those purchased, 140 are serviceable, three grounded and those inherited from the national government to devolved units, 118 are serviceable, 61 grounded while 109 cannot be traced.

The committee visited Toyota Kericho where a vehicle registration number 39 CG014A was taken to the garage in the financial year 2014/2015 after a road accident it has now accrued Sh1.9 million.

The members visited Terranova Autospares in Kanduyi,CMC Kitale and Wape garage and general supplies where they established several vehicles having been serviced and the executive only needed to pay the accrued fee to pick them.


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