Miguna Miguna: Raila Isn’t Fit To Be President, He Is Uhuru’s Project


By Paul Mukana

Embattled Canadian based Kenyan lawyer Dr. Miguna Miguna has accelerated his attacks on ODM leader Raila Odinga.

According to Miguna, Raila is not fit to become Kenya’s fifth president because he is the state’s project.

“You see,a lot of people forget that Raila only won elections when he was competing against the Status Quo.The government that symbolized the system that we inherited from independent up to the time he ran for the 2017 elections.He was seen as an outsider coming to transform,” he said.

The outspoken advocate was speaking during a live interview on KTN on Wednesday evening.

He explained how he thinks Raila has changed from good to bad after the historical 2018 handshake he embraced with president Uhuru Kenyatta.

“The Raila Odinga of 2022 is a system candidate, he is the project of billionaires, a project of state house which the people hate and have resisted since independence,” he added.

Miguna pointed out the current Raila Odinga is not a transformative or genuine opposition candidate.

He elaborated how he believes that Raila is a candidate who is being pushed by the state to reinforce and fortify the status quo and majority of Kenyans oppose and resist.

“So you can’t compare the Raila Odinga that won elections in 2007 and 2017 to the Raila of 2022.This current one is a project, a puppet and people hate puppets all over the world,” he noted.

According to Miguna , Raila won the last three elections (2007, 2013 and 2017).

He acknowledged Raila’s dominance and resilience that helped in defeating KANU in the 2002 polls.

However, the lawyer insists that Raila has been brainwashed by the state and can’t be elected president in the August 9th polls.

“Raila Odinga has betrayed everything that he symbolized, he is now not an opposition candidate but the state’s project.Nobody was born to support Raila Odinga and nobody owes him anything.Raila Odinga is a selfish person who only thinks about his relatives,” the agitated lawyer yelled.

He also accused president Uhuru for defiling the Constitution by frequent  disobedience of court orders and turning DP Ruto into a punching bag.

Infact Dr. Miguna Miguna termed Uhuru Kenyatta as the worst president Kenya has ever had since independence.

His sentiments came just hours after president Uhuru had endorsed a Raila presidency in the historical Sagana 3 meeting in Nyeri county.

The president had expressed his dissatisfaction with DP Ruto’s behaviors and hinted that Raila was the best suited candidate to replace him as Kenya’s fifth CEO.

Political pundits have opined that Dr.Miguna Miguna could be secretly campaigning for DP Ruto since he has never attacked the DP but keeps critiquing the DP’s political nemesis.

Miguna was once an ardent lieutenant of ODM and he was the one who spearheaded Raila’s swearing in ceremony at Uhuru gardens in January 2018.

But as the adage goes, there has never been a permanent friend or enemy in politics.

Miguna is yet to be cleared to jet back in Kenya as his travel documents still have errands to undergo.


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