Kapchanga: Chesikaki MCA To Blame For Nzowasco Water Woes


Chesikaki ward MCA aspirant Dan Kapchanga has blamed the current MCA for the water shortage facing the area and the entire Cheptais region.

Addressing the press in Bungoma town, Kapchanga stated that Mr.Ben Kipkut has done little in addressing water shortage. 

He asked the area MCA to resolve his differences with Nzowasco so that residents can access clean water.

“Mr.Kipkut encouraged our people to register with between Sh4, 000 and Sh5,000 for water to be provided to them, he even provided the bill number but they are still suffering,” said Kapchanga.

He continued, “Politicians should stop pledging what they can’t fulfil and leave the organizations concerned to carry on with their responsibilities,” 

Kapchanga noted that Kipkut convinced residents to register for community water services yet he hadn’t consulted Nzowasco and went a head to encourage them to register so that they can be served with clean water.

He pointed out that majority residents of Chesikaki ward are still facing challenges of getting clean water and they have to travel far and wide to access the essential commodity.

He stated that residents in areas like Kimama, Mulatiwa, Chemondi, Chesoywo, Marigo and Tuikut have suffered for long yet they have elected  leadership.

“Kipkut should be blamed for hoodwinking his subjects, majority of them are still crying foul after Nzowasco disconnected water in their homes,” he said.

Contacted, Kipkut said that he had no idea of what Kapkachanga was talking about.

Nzoia Water and Sewerage Company (Nzowasco) had announced losing over Sh28 million in Bungoma county due to water diversion and disconnection of pumps since April last year.

Nzowasco’s Tom Musungu stated that the huge amount of water lost due to diversion by farmers in the upper part of Cheptais for irrigation purposes has dealt the company a huge blow.

Mt Elgon region is the agricultural backbone of food which feeds Western region of Kenya through the production of maize, beans, onions, potatoes and other perishable farm produce.

“We will be visiting the areas where irrigation is done in large scale, the diversion of water meant for use by residents has caused a lot of loses to the company,” said Musungu.

Nzowasco provides water for residents of Bungoma and TransNzoia counties and is one of the biggest companies in the region.


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