Nzowasco loses Sh28 million due to water diversion and disconnection of pumps


Nzoia Water and Sewerage Company (Nzowasco) has lost over Sh28 million in Bungoma county due to water diversion and disconnection of pumps since April last year.

Speaking in Cheptais market, Tom Musungu from Nzowasco stated that the huge amount of water lost due to diversion by farmers in the upper part of Cheptais for irrigation purposes has dealt the company a huge blow.

He stated that some people were also stealing and disconnecting water pumps for sale.

Mt Elgon region is the agricultural backbone of food which feeds Western region of Kenya through the production of maize, beans, onions, potatoes and other perishable farm produce.

“We will be visiting the areas where irrigation is done in large scale, the diversion of water meant for use by residents has caused a lot of loses to the company,” said Musungu.

He noted that the company will undertake serious measures to the culprits to stop them from denying the company revenue and to ensure their clients are satisfied with their services.

“Sh28 million is not pocket change, this money can help us improve on our services so that the essential commodity reaches every household in the county, the profession of clean water for use is our mandate and nobody should interfere with it,” said Musungu.

Nzowasco provides water for residents of Bungoma and TransNzoia counties and is one of the biggest companies in the region.


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