Eseli Laughs Off DP Ruto’s Claims Over DAP-K Links With ODM


Democratic Action Party of Kenya (DAP-K) secretary general Eseli Simiyu has chided at the deputy president William Ruto over his claims that ODM formed DAP-K and handed it over to them to run.

Simiyu dismissed the claims as childish and lacks content from the calibre of the second in command.

“DAP-K is one of the fastest growing parties in the country and East Africa at large and which is barely five months in office, the claims by the DP are in bad light and meant to discredit our party,” said Simiyu.

He lashed at Ruto adding that he has never formed any party and has been buying existing parties and just revamping them.

“The DP should not try to discredit DAP-K, this is the newest kid in the bloc and will produce many elected leaders in the county unlike his UDA party which has no grassroot support,” said Eseli.

He added that despite supporting Azimio la Umoja, they are not in any way associated with ODM.

“DAP-K and ODM are all partners in Azomio la Umoja movement, we are not in anyway related at all, we only meet at a place where we agree in ideologies,”. said Simiyu.

The Tongaren Mp asked Kenya Kwanza Alliance leaders to stop panicking and watch out as DAP-K harvests majority seats in the Country.

“They are panicking over our popularity, the newest party is causing a lot of jitters to those who don’t believe in our ideologies, let them sit pretty and watch out as majority leaders decamp to our party, we believe in democracy,” he said.

Ruto in the company of other Kenya Kwanza Alliance while in the tour of Tongaren in Bungoma County on Wednesday castigated DAP-K leaders accusing them of causing confusion in Western Kenya politics.

He said that Eseli and Defence CS Eugene Wamalwa have no capacity to form a party but are hiding in DAP-K formed by ODM to create divisions in Western Kenya politics.

“There is a party here led by Eseli Simiyu and his friends, it was formed by ODM and handed over to them, they are not independent but rather being held hostage by some ODM bigwigs, if they are men enough, let them fold their party and join ODM so that we face them head on” said Ruto


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