Elect Women For Political Seats, Urges Lobby Group


Civil society groups in Bungoma County have called upon Women to compete for elective politics with their male counterparts if they have to have a say.

The activists claimed that majority women fear coming out and vying for lucrative elective seats because of the society will look down upon them.

Led by Torch Africa director Prof Barasa Nyukuri, they called on front runners in any elective political seats to consider picking Women as their deputies.

Nyukuri stated that women should come out in large numbers and vie for political seats.

“Women play a very important role in the society and they should all participate in elective seats to compete men who have been having a field day participating in the elective politics,” he said.

He added, “Youths, Women and People living with disabilities should also strive in fighting for their space in elective politics because they can’t just be nominated without showing any interest in politics,”.

The lobby groups also called for a peaceful elections and especially security for women voters and candidates.

“All male Presidential candidates to nominate women as Running mates, while governors should do the same where one gender is ahead of others,” he added.

He called on Presidential candidates like  Raila Odinga, William Ruto to pick women as their deputies while governor’s like Anne Waiguru of Kirinyaga and Charity Ngilu should pick men as deputies for gender parity to be realized.

“We demand for Kenya’s Khamala Harris of America, this will restore democracy and dignity for women,”

Kenyans to elect women for dual gender constituencies not just women reps during political party primaries. 


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