What Is Malala’s Role In Mudavadi’s Kitchen Cabinet?



Cleophas  Malala is without any doubt among the fast rising politicians in Western Kenya and beyond.

The outspoken Kakamega senator who has openly declared interest in vying for the Gubernatorial seat via an ANC ticket is a relentless tactician.

The fearless nature through which he is lobbying for the ANC’s agenda automatically hands him a key role in Mudavadi’s kitchen cabinet.

His task is to sell Musalia Mudavadi’s ideology in Western and across the whole country.

With dozens of politicians having defected from ANC, Malala is almost the last key hit man standing.

He has vowed to stand with Mudavadi until the eleventh hour.

Thus, he has continuously sold ANC’s agenda and vowed to put off the defectors in the coming polls.

His flamboyant style of politics has played a crucial role in convincing various political stakeholders to stick with Mudavadi.

Infact, Malala was recently handed an unanimous endorsement as ANC’S chairman of the Kakamega county branch.

During the endorsement, he pledged to bring more members and expressed confidence that ANC will clinch all the available elective seats in Western during the August 9th polls.

Besides, Malala has taken a task of its own by the manner in  which he responds to Mudavadi’s critics.

It is evident how he fearlessly takes on anti-Mudavadi sentiments.

For instance, when Musalia Mudavadi announced his plan to work with DP Ruto, he received dozens of criticism especially from the Luhya nation.

However, Malala was on the forefront defending Mudavadi’s decision by telling off the political nemesis.

He literally took the bull by it’s horns.

He has frequently maintained that Musalia has the right to make friends of his choice just like president Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM’s Raila Odinga joined forces via the March 2018 handshake.

It is a role that Malala has keep polishing day in day out; responding to Mudavadi’s critics.

He has severally chewed bones with Francis Atwoli, Wycliffe Oparanya, Raila Odinga amongst be other Mudavadi’s critics.

When Atwoli convened a Luhya meeting at Bukhungu in December, Malala successfully held a parallel sports event at Mumias Complex and the DP attended.

The purpose of the event was to neutralize anti-Mudavadi moves.

The senator has also remained loyal to Mudavadi despite a number of other key ANC hit men defecting.

In addition, he has been on the forefront in bringing more lieutenants on board.

It is evident how he tirelessly worked to ensure that the Mudavadi-Ruto pact is sealed.

Thus, he has joined forces with several UDA’s key tacticians to   popularize the Kenya Kwanza coalition.

With Mudavadi and Ruto yet to openly avail any pre election agreement, political pundits have opined that efforts are underway.

Among the key participants in such discussions is senator Malala.

He is relentlessly representing Mudavadi in the Kenya Kwanza coalition and helping ANC to make new political allies.

He has basically helped Mudavadi to reunite with his old political adversaries including Bonny Khalwale, Benard Washiali among others.

So, as the August 9th polls edge closer, Malala’s role in Mudavadi’s kitchen cabinet is becoming more visible.

One doesn’t need a microscope to spot it.

He is  definitely a brigade that Musalia Mudavadi can’t afford to lose.


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