Bungoma County Special Programs Advisor Resigns To Vie For Webuye East MP’s Seat


The County Government Special Programs and Disaster Management Advisor Carolyne Buyela has resigned officially from the office to seek for Webuye East Parliamentary seat.

As I tender my resignation today after having diligently served in the capacity of Advisor Special Programs for four years,I can’t go without appreciating the following people that shaped me in one way or another.

First, I thank the Almighty God for giving me the strength and wherewithal to serve my people to the best of my ability and knowledge.

Special  thanks to our Governor for giving me the opportunity to serve the people.He didn’t appoint me because I was the best,but because he had faith in me that I will deliver based on his promises  to the people.Forever I feel honoured.

Much thanks to the whole vibrant staff of Bungoma County for the love and help you showed me,for the guidance and counsel  you offered me,for the rich lessons I learnt from you and ,for the friendship we had. For this I will eternally treasure.

To the great people of Bungoma for the way you embraced me and for the walk we made together, the constructive criticism and feedback that shaped my leadership skills and for the accolades that inspired me. Forever indebted.

Well, the opportunity I got to serve you presented me with plethora of opportunities to learn much more about humanity and community service.

During my tenure, I had a fair share of challenges  that hardened me.I swam in murkier water of propaganda, deceit,  filthy politics perpetrated by naysayers,guns for hire, keyboard warriors and armchair critics.

Many baseless allegations were leveled against but I was able to swim through it to the other side much rejuvenated.I took every challenge as a lesson and not once did I succumb to them.

Conversely, during my tenure,I had my own good share of triumphs., was able to respond to various disaster-hit areas and put smiles to the affected people.

I made policies on disaster management, disaster mitigation, disaster cycle, effects of disaster to humanity, importance of having proper infrastructures and contingency fund amongst many other policies.

Besides, I was able to make inroads to the most remote areas of our county addressing social challenges through interaction.

As I exit now, am leaving with wealthy of experience in community service and humanity. With this earned experience, I now believe I am ripe to take on a  bigger challenge in leadership.

With the experience, I am certain that I will change the lives of our people of Webuye East Constituency.

My sleeves are already rolled up ready to start the journey of emancipating our people from the chains of poverty.

From saving our people from the brink of destruction through dysfunctional leadership.To give solutions and not to complain.To turnaround our economy through attracting investors.

To bridge the wide gap between the rich and the poor.To offer servant leadership.To bring freshness to leadership.

Yes,I have a dream to make our constituency a bedrock of opportunities.


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