The Value Of Building The Civic Competence Of The People


One of the critical leadership functions is to contribute towards raising an informed citizenry that enhances the people’s civic competence.

An informed electorate will, among others :

  1. Make informed decisions that are driven by what is good for themselves , for the community and for the country;
  2. Hold leaders accountable in the discharge of their functions and duties through a performance management system;
  3. Take advantage of available opportunities for personal development and service to the community and country;
  4. Appreciate the place of personal sacrifice and contribution in nation building that is born out of sense of national duty and patriotism; and,
  5. Contribute to the local and national development agenda that demands and gives a fair share of resources.

Let us work towards building an informed society by being servants of truth no matter how unpleasant it sometimes is.

Eric Simiyu Wafukho


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