Wafukho: Time Has Come For Mulembe Nation To Manage Her Politics And Development


Hello my fellow Luhyas. Every morning I kneel on my knees to pray for you I pray that the eyes of your hearts will be opened and your minds be illumined so that you may know the extend to which God has blessed you as a people and how Kenya is blessed through you.

You are blessed with a work ethic which pursues excellence in all you do, is  faithful to the mandates that you are given and sacrificial to the point of forgetting about your own development and upliftment of the lives of your own people if in doing so it will be seen as discrimination against other Kenyans. 

What this has led to is Luhyia professionals being the most-sought after professionals on the global scene in Africa because every nation and community feels safe under their leadership. As a result , the luyia Diaspora population has grown exponentially. 

Good health is your portion in which your children’s score very well on z-score in which malnutrition is low and hidden hunger is intermittent. Your bone structure is well-formed and your athleticism has seen you control sports in the country.

Your region in Western has rich volcanic soils which can grow anything including coffee, tea, sunflower and horticulture. The region has sufficient rainfall  and distribution to facilitate agricultural activities throughout the year. 

You are peace-loving community as reflected in your greetings and the manner in which you relate with your neighbours. 

Up in the north, Bukusus  have eaten a dog , entered into a peace covenant,with Teso, Sabaot, Pokot, Turkana, Marakwet, Keiyo and Nandi communities. In 50s,60s and 70, the elders led the agitation towards the release of Kapenguria Six. 

Pan Paper and Nzoia Sugar are said to have been built by President Jomo Kenyatta to thank the community for standing with him during the struggle for independence.

Down south you have strong family relationships with the Luo, Suba, Kuria and Kisii all the way into Tanzania where a whole province is called Simiyu Province. 

In fact much of political life is largely shaped by the fight for social justice in which leaders have been shaped more by being in opposition than being in government, aided by labour movement. 

However, you are currently mismanaging your politics which could prove costly. You are serving politics instead of using politics to serve your development agenda.  

Do not view politics as a war room but as a boardroom where interests of the community and national are transacted.  

Stop fighting your leaders including Musalia, Wetangula, Raila, Ruto, Kalonzo, Gideon and consider how to engage in advancing a progressive agenda for the community and nation. 

Ask tough question to Kenya Kwanza, Azimio and OKA to see the agenda that they have for you, not the positions that they have promised a few people. 

Musalia’s thinking that time has come for Mulembe nation to go with a transformation agenda for the community and country instead of merely focusing on positions is revolutionary. 

This means looking beyond current elected leaders who sometimes focus on their nominations without considering the changing needs of the community. The Uchumi Bora , pesa mfukoni mantra is a great boon. 

Raila’s position that the country needs to pull together in order to move forward under Azimio La Umoja is noble. 

In fact the changes needed to be made in government  including public sector reforms, public debt sustainability management  strategy , fight against corruption, economic recovery strategies, and post Vision 2030 strategy formulation require Kenyans to come together. 

The Deputy President’s model that argues for microeconomics in which money touches households at a higher velocity is an argument for the need to balance the the fiscal and monetary policies of the country. 

In conclusion Mulembe nation should not treat politics as though it were a bullfight but be vigilant in working with your leaders to ensure that politics becomes your servant and not your master.

Eric Simiyu Wafukho, CAS finance and National Treasury


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