Meet Nairobi Senator 2022, Wakili Faith Norah Lukosi


Faith Nekoye is a lawyer, youth advocate and environmental conservation champion, with a track record of working in public service and civil society space. 

She has previously worked at Athi Water Works Development Agency as an intern and legal officer for three years, after which she went into the civil society space to champion for youth and women inclusion in policy formulation and implementation at the county levels.

Faith Lukosi is currently the ODM Youth League Deputy Secretary General and Chairperson of Azimio La Umoja Youth Wing.

She is aspiring for the Nairobi senatorial seat because she is passionate about devolution and she believes it’s the sweetest and most luscious fruit that Kenyans reaped from the Constitution of 2010. 

She wants to be part of the devolution story by making sure it’s strengthened to serve the best interests of the people of Nairobi and Kenya at large.

When she becomes the Senator of Nairobi, her interest is to ensure that all laws are formulated and implemented in  sensitivity to the interests of youth, women and PWDs. 

Her manifesto focuses on four thematic areas summarized as MAMA:
M – Masomo

A – Ajira

M – Mazingira

A – Afya

Let’s support Faith Norah Lukosi to deliver the Nairobi dream. #MamaKijana #MamaSanitizer#Open and Responsive Leadership


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