Delay In Passage Of Conditional Grants Bill Riles CoG


By Reuben Olita

The Council of Governors has raised concerns over the continued delay in the passage of the County Governments Conditional Grants Bill, 2021 by Parliament.

In a statement after being re-elected the Council chairman in the elections also attended by Busia Governor, Sospeter Ojaamong, H.E Martin Wambora said the delays continues to hamper service
delivery in various sectors at the County level.

” The Council is dissatisfied with the delay in the appointment of the mediation committee tasked to consider the proposed bill,” he said,

calling upon the leadership of the two houses to expedite this process to enable Counties to access these funds for timely implementation of projects and programs.

The CoG boss congratulated the office of the Auditor General for launching the Strategic
Plan 2021/26, terming it a great milestone in
ensuring accountability in public resources is the reinforced in the
next five years.

“It is impressive to note that during the launch, it was recognized that County Governments have recorded improvement in their audit opinions. We will endeavor to ensure transparency and accountability in the use of public resources at the County level, “he emphasized.

He continued: ” The Council of Governors
will continue to support and promote
increase of County allocation to a minimum of 35% of all revenue

This will enable Counties to fully implement the devolved functions as provided for under the Fourth Schedule of
the Constitution.”

“We have successfully concluded a peaceful election of the Council’s leadership. We urge the country’s political leaders to keep
peace during this electioneering period. Kenya is a great country

and the Kenyan people are hardworking
and resilient,” he noted.

He concluded:” All of us, no matter our political interests, must be led
by the words of our national anthem,

“may we dwell in unity, peace and liberty'”. Let us not destroy the fruits of our labour in the quest for elective positions.

Every Kenyan has the responsibility to steer away from divisive and negative politics- and this should be practiced in speech, thought and action.”


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