Bungoma Targets To Register 186,000 New Voters


Bungoma County targets to register 186,000 new voters in an enhanced voter’s registration exercise that started last week.

Mr. Solomon Mudanya, the county IEBC manager revealed that during the last exercise, they were able to register 52,000 voters which were 40% of the target.

He added that according to the register of persons report it shows that over 186,000 people have collected their identification cards many of them being youths.

Mudanya noted that the enhanced voter’s registration exercise will run for the next 21 days saying that it will give ample time for residents to register as voters so that they can practice their democratic right as Kenyans.

“I think the time that IEBC has given us is enough to visit any registration center and get registered,” he said.

He said that every ward has three registration machines manned with two IEBC clerks who move from one place to another to ensure that all people access them.

At the same time Scholastica Arucho, the director registrar of persons in Bungoma County stated that during the first IEBC registration they had over 10,000 uncollected identification cards in their respective offices but so far they have disbursed all of them to assistant chiefs so that the owners can pick them.

She urged Bungoma residents to take advantage of the voter’s registration exercise.

She added that those people who had applied for identification cards should make a point of collecting their ID cards to enable them to be eligible for voter’s registration.

“Most youths had previously applied for Identification cards which have been processed and sent to the assistant chiefs,  I would like to call on them to go and pick their ID`s as it is a requirement during registration as a voter,” she added.

She added that as a ministry they have done enough sensitization to ensure that every Kenyan above the age of 18 years is registered as a voter.

“We have done sensitization in different levels, in churches, in women groups seeking people to apply for identification cards to ensure they take part in the voter registration exercise,“ added Arucho.

Bungoma County has 11 sub-counties each having its own registrar in charge of registration.


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