Wetang’ula warns CS Wamalwa And DAP-K Against Supporting Raila, Says He Will Regret


Ford Kenya party leader Moses Wetang’ula has warned Democratic Action Party of Kenya leaders against joining Azimio la Umoja movement.

Speaking in Kabuchai during the burial of Mzee James Wamalwa, a retired Ugandan senior police officer on Saturday, Wetang’ula stated that ODM party leader can’t grow any Luhya politically.

DAP-K is owned by Defence Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa and Wetang’ula has warned its other leaders to rethink their decision to settle on Raila’s presidential bid slated for August 9.

“Let them ask me, I have supported him on several occasions but what he did to me, I won’t forget, don’t think that you can be special, once he has completed his mission, he will dump you,” he said.

The Bungoma senator narrated how the former premier frustrated the late VP Wamalwa Kijana among others after they had agreed to work together.

He has subsequently vowed never to support Raila’s presidential bid urging Bungoma residents to elect a leader who is supportive of other’s ambitions.

“Ford Kenya party will form government with other people or other people will form the government with us, we need supportive leaders not egocentric ones,” said Weta.

A One Kenya Alliance principal called on Kenyans to be warry of egocentric but instead pick a leader who will take of their interests through reviving the economy.

Wetang’ula further reiterated his push to ensure free and fair nominations for the various positions in the Simba party.

“Nominations will free and fair in Ford Kenya, let deserving leaders be picked to battle it out with others in the general elections, we need a fair playing ground for all and sundry,” he said.


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