Bungoma County assembly Leadership Distances Itself From Bribery Claims In The Recruitment Process


The leadership of Bungoma county Assembly has come out and distanced itself from corruption allegations over the recruitment process.

In a press briefing at the assembly chambers, the County Assembly Clerk John Mosongo and speaker Emmanuel Situma denied of any wrong doing adding that the process was and is still being conducted In a fair and open process.

“Out attention has been drawn to reports circulating in the media to the extent that the recruitment process of 55 staff has been marred with irregularities,” he said.

Mosongo stated that the issues raised with regard to the recruitment process and the County Assembly wishes to state as follows.

That the county Assembly service board on Thursday 2, 2021 advertised for 55 vacancies, the list of shortlisted applicants was published in the County Assembly website with the dates and time for each shortlisted applicant to appear before the board.

The board decided to prioritize the hiring of an initial four officers to fill the positions which included, deputy clerk administration, deputy clerk legislative services, principal finance officer and principal human resource officer.

Mosongo added that the interviews for the other positions are ongoing and in doing so, the board is executing its mandate as outlined in the County Assembly service act 2019.

“The County Assembly service board doesn’t have any list of preferred candidates. All applicants are being given an equal opportunity to appear before the board,” said the Clerk.

He stated that all Kenyans were allowed to apply for the advertised vacancies and no one was barred from applying whether they are Assembly employees or any other Private or public institutions.

“Spouses, children and relatives of Hon. Members and even serving staff at the assembly were not excluded from applying, doing so would amount to Discrimination and a breach of law,” he said.

Mosongo noted that all those who were offered jobs merited and they applied, met the set criteria, were interviewed, picked and given appointment letters for positions they requested for.

There is no law requiring a serving member of staff who has or had applied for a job to resign from his position, serving members who applied will continue serving in their current positions, those who succeed will move to the next position.

Situma averred that the ongoing recruitment process is above board and at no time has anybody bribed his way in.

“Any form of canvassing was flagged out as an irregularity, the board is urging anyone with information and evidence on claims of bribery or canvassing to share the same for action to be taken, those without trust in the board’s ability to investigate and take action can share the same with other government agencies,” Situma said.

Kimilili Ward MCA had tasked Ethics and anti corruption commission sleuths to investigate the runaway graft at the County Assembly of Bungoma.

Barasa said that the recruitment process of the county assembly workers had been marred with corruption.

Speaking to press on Tuesday, Barasa also a local artist known as Webuye Jua kali pointed out that the underbelly in the recruitment process cannot be disputed.

“Money running into millions of shillings have allegedly exchanged hands in the process hence people with low academic qualifications and those previously working in the assembly picked to occupy new and vacant positions,” this is wrong and goes against the law,” he said

The ward leader stated that the deserving cases were left out while those who parted with good money were picked and have already been awarded letters of appointments.

“Let EACC rush with speed and investigate this issue, a number of employees didn’t qualify and those who were picked were either friends or close relatives to the top county assembly leadership,” he said.


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