Milestone For Improved Bungoma County Health Services


By Horizon News Reporter

The Bungoma County government has stepped up and improved the health department in the county to ensure that residents are getting quality healthcare services.

Before the devolution of the health ministry to counties, Bungoma used to record high number of death cases due to poor health services at the health facility and inadequate drugs, In Bungoma Wangamati’s regime has doubled efforts and constructed health facilities to ward levels and renovated the Bungoma County referral hospital (BCRH).

Speaking to the press, the chief officer in the ministry of health and sanitation Patrick Wandili revealed that due to the improved health system in Bungoma County the revenue collection has greatly improved adding that the facility has been able to purchase hospital equipment worth Ksh.6M from on its own revenue collection.

“Before we improved the health services at Bungoma County Referral hospital residents used to seek services from Eldoret thus lowering the revenue collection, “Wandili noted.

The chief officer said that the hospital has been able to purchase dental chairs, physiotherapy machines and renovated the hospital.

“We have renovated the Bungoma County referral hospital and improved the out-patient and causality areas,” he affirmed.

He went further and stated that Bungoma is putting up a blood donor center that will help emergency patients who need blood to get it from nearby, adding that residents from Bungoma normally depend on Eldoret referral hospital for blood transfusion.

“In one year’s time the blood transfusion center will be complete and all emergency cases of lack of blood will be settled,” he said.

He added that the facility also has six Intensive Care Units (ICU) beds that have helped patients with Covid-19.

“The hospital has six ICU beds that help in assisting emergency patients. Some top county officials have been treated here at Bungoma county referral hospital and got healed,” he said.

He also added that the county is putting up a medicine store that will be used to keep medicines.

On his part Stephen Yambi, Public Health Practitioner and Health Champion said that the conversation on the importance to improve blood availability in Bungoma County began in 2016 after sources from the county department of health established that bleeding was the leading cause of deaths for mothers before, during and after birth.

He added that evidence showed that 1 out of 2 deaths of mothers were due to bleeding. One of the suggested long-term interventions was the construction of a blood donor center with the ability to screen and store blood to cater for the needs of the residents of Bungoma.

He revealed that the evidence had suggested that Bungoma County needed at least 1000 units of blood monthly to cater for the needs of its population but the available blood satellite was only able to collect 40% of this.

Yambi noted that the construction of blood donor center would significantly address inadequate and erratic blood supply in the county, shorten the turnaround time for blood screening to address emergencies like maternal complications, accidents, sickle cell crisis and pediatric cases with malaria, improve capacity to collect more blood and prepare blood products for timely management of the affected patients as well as easing the economic burden to families and society in general due to unnecessary referral of patients out of the county.

According to the blood cost plans developed jointly by the Blood Satellite, County department of health and blood stakeholders in 2019, the construction and equipping of blood donor centers in Bungoma would need Ksh. 108 million.

This plan has shaped stakeholder engagements around the issue of blood and guided the county government to allocate funds and sites to start the construction of blood donor center.


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