Wamboka Injects Sh300,000 To Boost Jua-Kali Sector Business In Mabusi


Bumula Parliamentary aspirant Jack Wanami Wamboka has continued with his philanthropic ventures of uplifting area residents lives.

In the latest personal contribution, Wamboka contributed Sh300,000 to boost the Jua-Kali Sector community’s business in Mabusi area.

Speaking to Horizon News, Wamboka stated that being aware of the highest level of poverty in the region, he is funding various groups to ensure that they are engaged in trade that will finally lift their lives.

“I am working towards ensuring that Bumula residents live a decent life,they should not be begging for fish but let them fish for themselves,this is the best economic empowerment program so far,” he said.

He added, “Being acutely aware that Jua Kali industry contributes immensely to the economy of this region, I met all Mabusi location Jua-Kali sector business community in quest to inject capital in their sector,”.

Wamboka contributed 300,000ksh in support of the Jua-Kali business community.

This will greatly boost their capital value and enable them do their business effectively henceforth.

The Jua-Kali sector community in return lauded Wamboka for being the only leader who has remembered them and encouraged him to spread that programm across the constituency.


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