Joy For Residents As Wamboka Solves Water Shortage Crisis In Bitobo Area, Kimaeti Ward


Following persistent water shortage and breakdown of the only available water pump in Bitobo, Kimaeti ward area.

On Wednesday Bumula’s son Hon Jack Wamboka came to their rescue. Locals reached out to Wamboka after efforts to get help from elected leaders and public offices proved futile.

The pump that serves hundreds of households had broken down months ago forcing locals to spend hours and distances in search of the basic commodity. 

Wamboka urged locals to entrust leadership to people who have people interests at heart and ready to offer solutions. 

Wamboka repaired and equipped the pump with a modern water pumping system worth Ksh 50,000 enabling locals to quench their thirst.

“When I heard that the people of Bitobo are suffering because of water, I dispatched my team here to analyze and give me a report for action. And I am glad we have installed a new, modern water pumping system that will enable you have water.” said Wamboka 

Community representatives available lauded Wamboka for his issue based agendas and projects that are touching lives and offering solutions. 

“We elected leaders but when it comes to helping us solve water and roads issues, they have neglected us, we walk distances to Teso to get water. We are happy that today we will drink our water courtesy of Wamboka.”said Mayi Nafula.

Bitobo like most areas across Bumula has serious water issues that the leaders must help address. Area Mp Mwambu Mabonga and MCA Jack Wambulwa are yet to help address the plight.


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