‘Stop Lumping Dev’t Projects In One Ward and Sidelining Other Regions’ Lusaka Tells Wangamati


Senate speaker Kenneth Lusaka has faulted Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati in what he termed as initiating wrong development priorities.

Speaking in Tongaren constituency on Tuesday, Lusaka criticized Wangamati of initiating upside down development priorities.

“It beats logic why Wangamati has lumped together multi billion development projects in Kanduyi constituency while sidelining other regions,” Lusaka wondered.

He stated that despite voting for him in 2017, other regions have been forgotten and residents have nothing to smile about.

Lusaka pointed out that all multi billion flagship projects like the Sh1.3 billion Musikoma junction- Kanduyi market dual carriageway and Sh600 million construction of Masinde Muliro stadium are all projects found in Khalaba ward within Bungoma town.

“Bungoma is not one region,we have nine sub-counties that are equally in dire need of development, why sideline other regions?” he posed.

The Senate boss accused Wangamati for neglecting some regions.

Lusaka said that a governor  should be a uniting figure of the county and develop all regions irrespective of their past voting patterns.

He said during his term as governor between 2013-2017, he ensured that all regions were equally developed.

He said that he started the the tarmacking of Misikhu – Brigadier road which has since stalled.

Lusaka pointed out that despite governor Wangamati allocating huge amounts of money to the road no works were seen on going.

Lusaka who has declared his quest for Bungoma governor seat promised to pick up his projects that had been abandoned after he lost the seat.

“We are coming back and we will ensure that we embark on the development projects we had started,” he said.

He apologized to the residents for any mistake he had committed during his tenure as Bungoma governor.

“We have learned from our mistakes and moving forward we will be wiser, vote wisely in the coming elections,” he said


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