Popular Comedian ‘Choffuri’ Launches Own Recording Label


Western Kenya renowned comedian cum Musician Choffuri real name Tiny Mutali has launched his own recording label.

The CF films Kenya recording label was launched on December 18, 2021 in a function attended by who is who in the film industry.


The creative content creator also celebrated another achievement after his official YouTube Channel clocked 20 million views, one among the top viewed Channel in Western Kenya.

Speaking to this writer, Choffuri who has taken the film and music industry by storm states that despite facing many challenges he wants to ensure that he takes the industry to another level.

Choffuri started signing top and upcoming artists in the Cf films on December 18, 2021 and is set to mentor some of the talented artists through his label.

Some of the top artists signed under his label include Luchi baby, Sokoto, Bassil Vishindo and Matata 24.

“I want to ensure that we take this industry to the next level, film and music industry is among the top well-paying professions but it needs dedication and enough funds to pump into it,” he said.

Choffuri started filming short comical movies 2018 and has been the only artist who has been supporting other artists despite facing a lot of hatred from other established artists as he claims in some of his interviews.

Choffuri says that his company is run by Two directors, Himself and another director who he never wanted to reveal.


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