TOWEGO, A New Welfare Association To Cater For Its Members Medical Cover


A new welfare association catering for its members medical cover, started barely three months ago is set to be launched officially.

Together we go (TOWEGO) with its headquarters currently based in Nairobi, is championing for life and medical insurance cover to all Kenyans.

TOWEGO welfare association will be launched in Embakasi, Chesikaki ward, Mt Elgon constituency in Bungoma region mid January 2022 and will attract a massive membership.

Unlike other welfare association, TOWEGO is user friendly and Caters for all cases of emergencies cutting across the health complications.

According to one of TOWEGO directors Nancy Manyonge, she says they saw the need of Kenyans accessing the best health coverage at a pocket friendly amount.

Addressing the press in Bungoma town at the weekend, Ms Manyonge stated that the association advocates for a making a world a better place for everyone.

“We are creating awareness about the importance of minimal contribution in our welfare to secure better health tomorrow,” she said.

They offer services such as settling hospital bills, in patient/out patient, maternity, last expense and issues of employment that are life threatening challenges.

Ms Manyonge stated that so far they have recruited over 1,500 members and expect the membership to keep on surging in the coming months.

“We saw people struggling health wise and we decided to have this association running in Kenya to offer health insurance coverage so that they won’t use a lot of cash,” she said.

She added, “For you to be a member of TOWEGO you have to pay the registration fee of Sh100, then a monthly subscription fee of Sh300 for an individual but Sh400 for family members, then after 60 days you will be given your card which will be loaded with Sh2,500 every month, for five years consecutively”.

Ms Manyonge further noted that after five years your card becomes automatically comprehensive and when it comes to death in the first year you lose one of your loved ones, you are given Sh50,000 to cater for burial expenses.

She added that second year to fifth year TOWEGO will give you Sh100,000 to cater for the funeral expenses.

Her sentiments were echoed by TOWEGO coordinator Moses Musundi who called on Kenyans to embrace the association as it is cheaper and pocket friendly.

“TOWEGO welfare is meant to bridge the gap in the health sector, it is a solution to low income earners because of the biting economy, good health is wealth,” he said.


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