Political Aspirants Heed IEBC Ban Order In Church Harambee


By Reuben Olita

Political aspirants on Sunday gave a church harambee a wide berth following a ban order imposed by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

The electoral body revealed that it will bar political aspirants participating in a fundraiser from running for political seats. The ban order took effect on December, 2021.

During a fundsdrive in aid of the Completion of Uganda Martyrs Busia Catholic Church, Small Christian Communities (Jumuias) and other faithful helped raise Ksh.13.7million to show their determination in having their church completed.

St Alloys Gonzaga justified their prowess by raising 2.1m. It was
competition galore that saw St Vincent the Paul follow St.Alloys with Ksh1.43m. St Stephen’s Mauko took third position with a contribution of Ksh1.36m.

St Joseph Barabara, St Pius Lukonyi, St Jude Bondeni, Catholic Women Association (CWA) and Fathers House contributed Ksh1m each to confirm that despite the absence of politicians, they are capable of completing the parish church.

Parish Priest Fr Marcelus Ouma said today’s harambee was a climax of this year’s parish effort at mobilising resources for development, noting that a fortnight ago, there was a similar celebration in Ojamii Sub-parish where a total of Ksh 12.2m was realized.
Ojamii Sub-parish is a substation of Busia Catholic Church.

“The fundraiser was conducted within the Sunday Eucharistic celebration. It was a gathering of twelve Jumuias to announce what had already been collected for the ongoing project, that is, construction of the parish church, ” he said.

He added: “Due to restrictions on harambees by the national government, occasioned by the covid-19 pandemic, presidential directive in the coming election year and the diocesan policy on the engagement with politicians in fundraising for development, the development committees of both stations decided to organise for these harambees without involvement of the political constituency.”

“However, politicians as members of the Jumuias and viungos within the Church have a locus from where their contributions are received and appreciated like everyone else.
We are happy to acknowledge the tireless effort and generosity exhibited by the parishioners of Busia Catholic Church,” Fr Ouma said.

The Chief guests of honours were Catholic Women Association, Catholic Men Association, Catholic Civil Servants, Pontifical Missionary Society Children and Father’s House, a replica of what was in Ojamii Sub-parish.

Fr Ouma appreciated the resilient spirit of the parishioners who have raced generously to receive this reward that is indeed an award, against adverse conditions the whole country and the world at large are facing due to covid-19 (1 Cor 9:24-27).

“We have experienced the hand of God, under the rallying call/motto/banner, ‘Tuko Mbioni …Zawadi’.
We pray that God will continue to bless from the abundance of his graces all who have ran this race with us along this sustainability paradigm that appreciates the quality and quantity of resources within our midst. Everyone has
something to give and something to receive,” he said.

He added: ” We look forward to the year 2022 with joyful expectation to complete what is today’s work-in-progress- that will be’ The day the Lord has made, we Rejoice and are Glad’, Psalm 118:24.


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