Baraza Set To Announce The Party He Will Use For Bungoma Gubernatorial Seat Next Week


A Nairobi based businessman Zachariah Baraza is set to announce the party he will use as he contests the Bungoma County gubernatorial seat in 2022.

Speaking to Horizon News, Baraza stated that after carrying out research for over six months he has managed to identify the party that will augur well with county voters.

Baraza who is also a human rights activist pointed out that he has held a lot of consultative meetings with different groups of people and has arrived at a party that is very popular and will propel him to power in 2022.

“All is set for me to announce the vehicle I will use as I seek to be the third governor of Bungoma, I want to inform all and sundry that I will make the announcement on Friday, December 24, 2021,” he said.

Baraza has been instrumental in initiating development projects in Bungoma County and has been tough in putting the county government on toes over corruption and other related issues that affect governance.

“I have played a bigger role to our people, I have constructed roads in rural areas, I have ferried bodies for various families for burial, I have participated in Harambees, paid school fees and so forth, this is all out of my pocket,” he said.

Baraza noted that poor leadership from the first and second governor’s failed the county and hence resources from the treasury were squandered.

“There is nothing we can be proud of, there are no development projects we can showcase unlike other counties, those in power are busy dealing in corruption and amassing wealth through the back door, this should stop,” he said.

Baraza added, “If elected I will reform the county governance, the position is supposed to empower the downtrodden and ensure that development projects are initiated to change their fortunes,”.

He stated that devolved units were meant to develop grassroot people but some leaders were using the chance to steal resources instead of creating wealth and empower voters economically.

So far, Senate speaker Ken Lusaka who has also announced to unseat the incumbent Wycliffe Wangamati have kept the parties they will use close to their chests.

Others who have announced their bids to unseat Wangamati are Kibabii university lecturers Peter Khakina and Sophy Nekoye Waliaula.


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