Bumula Teachers Pledge To Support Wamboka, Decry Poor Leadership


As part of his continuing efforts of engaging diverse stakeholders of Bumula constituency, Bumula’s son Hon. Jack Wamboka on Sunday engaged over 100 teachers drawn from Kenya Primary Schools Heads Association (KEPSHA), Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) and Ng’arisha Sacco membership.

This is to build support on his Scholarship program, sell his agenda and rally them to back his 2022 bid.

In their address, the teachers lamented their downgraded status by the current leadership, the plight of the Bumula education sector and the areas of growth/ partnership.

Bungoma South KNUT Vice Chairman Augustine Watamba said the Bumula teacher is suffering due to the bad leadership at the constituency.

“Teachers have been downgraded and reduced to writing on the walls of poor infrastructure and signing documents to approve payment for the leaders yet we are the school administrators and must be fully involved in the good of our schools.” He said.

On their part, KEPSHA leadership thanked Wamboka for seeing the importance of Teachers in the society and education. They said they are happy with his new agendas and will be his ambassadors on the ground. ” Every village has a teacher and we shall pass the messages of change to our people.” Said the leadership.

In his address, Wamboka who was accompanied by his friends under the banner “The Chairman’s Lounge” pledged to restore the dignity of the Bumula teacher, put teachers at the centre of his leadership and progressively transform the fading Bumula education sector.

“We are all products of a teacher, without their input, we won’t be this far. That’s why I saw it important to come and meet you, get to listen to you, tell you my plans and partner with you in this journey to better Bumula and our people’s.” he said.

Wamboka was with over 10 of his friends under the tag of “The Chairman’s Lounge” that have vowed to support his bid and make him change Bumula.

While addressing the teachers, Chairman Muchiri said the problems of Bumula education and society need an aggressive leader who can rally for support, speak in Parliament and network to offer real-time modern solutions to existing problems.

Wamboka had been running the Wanami Wamboka Foundation scholarship that has seen more than 200 students benefit.

During last years exams in KCPE and KCSE, Bumula Constituency ranked 2nd last in Bungoma county and many feel the problem is the incumbent MP who has focused on building classes using his own companies and cronies.



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