Wamboka empowers kimaeti mama Mbogas after Ruto funds failed to reach them


After donating desks in Kisioyi Primary school, Bumula’s son Hon Jack Wamboka landed in Syombe, Kimaeti ward for his inaugural Mama mboga na Wamboka program.

Wamboka met mama mbogas and hundreds of locals who gave him a grand reception and welcome. He gave Ksh 270,000 to the small scale traders and urged them to embrace his ideologies that will go a long way in changing Bumula.

In his speech, Wamboka said Kimaeti is his home area and his programs must benefit them.

“I saw our MP try to copy my program of mama mboga but he failed because he lacks an agenda for his people. I have been running mama mboga na Wamboka across all wards and am glad today we are here to empower you. Through this, I endeavor to grow it into a cooperative movement where our mothers can do savings and invest” He said.

While representing the over 200 mama mbogas, mama Mary a trader from Kimaeti Market said they were promised funds by area Mp during the visit by Dp William Ruto but to date they are yet to receive the funds.

“Our details were taken and we were assembled at kimaeti when Ruto was passing so that we can cheer him, DP Ruto said he had given our MP Ksh 700,000 but we ding get any. We Re happy that our own son Wamboka has considered us under his mama mboga na Wamboka initiative.” She narrated.

The event that attracted hundreds of locals many who are his neighbors has angered the first time MP who seems to be having it rough on the ground. Wamboka has so far empowered over 3000 traders from all the seven wards of Bumula.


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