Wamboka Rescues Neglected Kisioyi Primary School In Bumula


Bumula’s leading politician Jack Wamboka has today come to the aid of Kisioyi Primary school in West Bukusu ward.

He donated of Sh30,000 to enable them make 50 desks and Sh10,000 towards the teachers welfare to enable them deliver.

The school and it’s management through head teacher Oliver Sitati reached out to Wamboka for help after their efforts to get help from CDF to enable them make learning conducive was ignored.

“As a school, our pupils have been learning on the floors and under trees and because of the economic status of our society, we couldn’t ask parents to contribute. I want to thank Hon. Wamboka who heard our pleas and offered to help uplift the state of our school.” Said the head teacher.

While addressing the school and hundreds of parents who had come to witness the event, Wamboka lamented that it was unfortunate that CDF money had been personalized and schools like Kisioyi are in dilapidated states. 

“When I heard from teachers and the community that our little ones are learning in poor conditions, it touched me and I said whatever little I get, I must support them since that’s how we will change our community,”.

He added, “Under my leadership, CDF money shall be handled by school administrations who know what’s ailing the schools, not what we are seeing now where contractors are selected in Mwiyenga and projects skewed to some areas,”. 

In advancing his education agenda, Wamboka also cleared fees for Milly simiyu, a daughter of Albert Simiyu Ondo schooling at Kisioyi Secondary School.

He later interacted with locals where he urged them to entrust him with the leadership and change Bumula.

Residents applauded wamboka for his new moves and promsied to rally behind him while terming the incumbent Mp as having failed.

Earlier in the day, wamboka had worshipped with Sango catholic church and Divine church Bosio in siboti ward where he donated Ksh 72,000 and 10,000 respectively towards the two houses of God, Lumboka Catholic, PEFA Lumboka and  Tulumba Catholic where he also participated in funds drives as he seeks to capture the elusive Bumula seat.


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